Your Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar

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YourVision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar

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ThePractitioner Scholar concept is basically an advanced operational andeducational model used in higher educational programs to emphasize onscientific practices or concrete application of scholarly knowledge.The study will primarily focus on highlighting my passion andinterest in psychology together with its significance. Additionally,my past professional experience and its impact in shaping up myfuture career will also be discussed. Similarly, the essay will givea succinct description of my profession as psychologypractitioner-scholar and the people I would like to impact in mypractice. More importantly, my educational, life and careerobjectives in achieving my vision will be covered. Lastly, the essaywill bring to light mechanisms that I will use to achieve my visionin the field of psychology and their relevance to my personal andprofessional targets.

YourVision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar

Sincemy childhood days, I have always had this strong desire for workingwith families and children. However, the passion intensified when Iwas serving as an assistant teacher dealing with children sufferingemotional and behavioral disturbances (Peterson,Peterson, Abrams, Stricker &amp Ducheny, 2015).My obligation at that level played a substantial role in shaping upmy interest and purpose in psychology. I closely worked with theBoard Certified Behavior Analyst. Equally important, the experienceand interaction with the analyst helped me widen my knowledge as faras the creation and implementation of behavioral modification plansis concerned. My enthusiasm and interest towards psychology is vitalbecause it will help me be in a position to connect and resonate wellwith educators and families (Sternberg,2007).Thiswill be facilitated and implemented through giving scholarly plans ofaction and advice.


Aspsychology practitioner-scholar, I will be very much interested inapplying knowledge and skills in diverse fields related to my area ofexpertise, either as a school psychologist, child therapist or achild psychologist. In practicing and developing my career, my visionis to actively engage myself in helping different people by bringingpositive impacts to their lives(Petersonet al. 2015).In this case, I would like to empower both educators andyoung children so that they can fast-track and embrace a culture oftaking control of their natural environment. On the same note, Iwould fully utilize my experience in psychology to assist variousfamilies learn how to handle and deal with issues related to behaviorin a more effective and appropriate way. More importantly, my visionis to learn how to integrate scholarly journals as well as research(Sternberg, 2007).Thisis crucial since it will enable me to have a deeper understanding andwide experience on issues dealing with behavior and interventions.


Withmy master’s degree in psychology, one of my objectives is to be aboard certified behavior analyst. This will enable me shift myconcentration towards family guidance and counselling hence enhancingpeace and harmony within the society(Petersonet al. 2015). In addition, my target will be learning throughcomprehensive research on the traditional methods used by otherscholars to implement behavioral change. Through the findings, I willimprove my competence and effectiveness as a psychologypractitioner-scholar. Apart from that, my aim is to secure myself arewarding career and fully utilize my knowledge to bring constructivechanges to people’s lives more particularly young children(Sternberg,2007).&nbsp


Asit has been previously noted, becoming a practitioner-scholar in thefield of psychology will be crucial to my personal and professionalambitions but also spearheading expected reforms to people’s lives.In this case, I will be conducting family counselling which isnecessary for building harmony and mutual understanding in homes andthe entire society. To achieve this, I would be creating andexecuting various workshop for families and educators (Sternberg,2007).This will considerably enhance their understanding all major conceptsassociated with the behavior of an individual. Similarly, I will comeup with an open and interactive forum, for instance, a website forfamilies and children who are direct victims of dysfunctionalbehaviors. Moreover, I will seek to improve my awareness andproficiency in psychology through research so that I can establishthe most suitable mechanisms of implementing behavioral change(Petersonet al. 2015). This will be an important motivation as I work towardsachieving my vision and goals as a psychology practitioner-scholar.


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