Yelp SWOT Analysis Strengths

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YelpSWOT Analysis


First,the management facilitates an effective communication process betweenthe staff and the clients. This aids in improving interactions andreviews undertaken in the online platform. Secondly, the site is easyto navigate, and consumers find it convenient when accessinginformation on various products(Luca &amp Zervas, 2016).Also, the company engages the stakeholders when making criticaldecisions. For example. Before deciding on how to spend money, theleadership seeks the opinion of consumers and other primary players.The idea strengthens loyalty and ownership among the variousstakeholders.


Thecompany has several shortcomings that have put it on the receivingend of stiff competition from alternative companies. First, therelationship between it and the local businesses has weakened overtime (Luca&amp Zervas, 2016).Since the enterprises are crucial consumers of the company`sservices, the number of sales has reduced. Also, it is too easy tojoin Yelp. Consequently, some consumers perceive it to be a scam anddo not take the reviews posted by users as genuine (Luca&amp Zervas, 2016).Although the intention of the leadership was to ease access, the movemade the company’s authenticity suspicious.


Theincreased number of goods and services in the market provides aviable opportunity for the business to expand. As more people seekinformation from the online platform, Yelp can exploit theopportunity to expand its client base. Also, new technology presentsa chance for it to improve its outlook and wangle the loyalty of bothnew and existing consumers (Luca&amp Zervas, 2016).In addition, the conventional portfolio strategies can enhance thatway the company presents its message to the clients.


Variousthreats also affect operations of the enterprise. The intensifiedgovernment regulation has increased the overhead costs incurred incompliances. Also, due to the increased number of products in themarket, there is a need for a constant update on the platform toprovide current information to the clients. This threatens thestability of the business since it is challenging to cope with thealterations.


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