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ExaminationQuestions I

  1. Write the sentence that is the topic sentence of the paragraph

Anocean trip can be a magical escape from the life pressure.

Writethe sentence that is unrelated to the topic and can be eliminated

Youshould always be careful to avoid over-exposure to the sun at thebeach.

  1. List four things you look for when proofreading.

Spelling,run-on sentences, usage of words, and proper punctuation in thewriting involved.

  1. Define the term cliché

Clichérefers to a phrase that is overused or has its usage outside theoriginal perspective. In so doing, the true meaning and plannedimpact of the expression are lost.

Usecliché in a sentence that you create

Thevillain dying at the end of each film is a bit of a cliché.

  1. Name and explain two types of pre-writing.

Brainstorming:It is where people jot down thoughts, reflections, ideas beforewriting about a certain topic. They make a list of everything thatcomes to their minds that may be of possible focus when writing theparagraphs. When doing the final writing, few of the ideas will beused to compose the writing.

Ideaweb: involves creating a list or associated words and ideas to helporganize the writer through the process of writing.

  1. Cleaning my room

Cleaningmy room begins with sorting out the useful material and the room, andseparating it with the waste that will be disposed of. My wardrobe isnext where I will arrange all of my clothes, separating the cleanfrom the dirty ones and taking the dirty ones to the washing machineThen, I will take out the dirty beddings, followed by an arrangementof all the things placed on the shelf. After that, I will sweep myroom floor while open the windows to let out any dust from the room.Finally, I will mop the room and then spread my bed with new sheetsand replace the pillow cases.

  1. A high school diploma is important to my future

Withall the current efforts to attain a good grade in my high schoolstudies, it is imperative that I obtain a well-decorated high schooldiploma once I clear high school. I know I will need to specialize ina certain profession to provide for myself in the future. Hence, Ineed to get to college, and a high school diploma guarantees entry tocollege. Additionally, a high school diploma will prove that I havethe necessary analytical skills that will be needed to learn theprovisions of a certain profession. Besides, gaining a high schooldiploma will be of pivotal significance to indicate that I wentthrough high school. It shows I completed all the needed phases inacquiring education. Therefore, my future will be secured, as it is aprovision that any person seeking employment must have gone throughvarious educational phases. A diploma is also imperative as it willbe a sign that I completed high school having followed and passed theexaminations set at that level. In conclusion, the high schooldiploma will provide prove in case I need to get a job before goingto college as it shows I have certain skills learned in high school.

ExaminationQuestions II

Explainwhy a certain sport is your favorite

Myfavorite sport is basketball. In brief, the game has five players oneach side called teams. The playing action is on a rectangular courtwith a rim on the width side. The main objective of the game is toscore by maneuvering the basketball into the opposing team’s rim.At the end of each match, the team with many baskets emerges thewinner. The game has rules, procedures, and a certain time of play ofsixty minutes divided into four quarters, each with fifteen minutesof play.

Basketballis my favorite sport from the fun, anticipation, rivalry and energypresent at each game. The game has international following withmillion fans supporting their favorite teams from across the globe.Across the regions, the game evokes excitement, heavy emotion,passions and mind-blowing level of skill from the players, especiallyat the NBA.

Ilove following the game, and I have a favorite team that I support.More so, there are legendary players recognized by their stunningskills and professionalism at the court. My favorite player is LeBronJames, who plays for the Cleveland. More so, the spirit aroundbasketball pushes my urge to get more into the game. Basketballrevolves a lot on team spirit, discipline, and professionalism.

Thewinning spirit and the accorded celebrations additionally makebasketball my favorite sport. The celebrations form a leading sourceof entertainment in most global parts. Basketball brings communitiesof varied origins together to cheer for their favorite teams andplayers.

Inconclusion, I would love to participate more and more in the game. Mypassion grows from mere watching and celebrating to becoming abasketball player on my high school team and rise to become one ofthe best dribblers of the game.

Writea formal letter of complaint


22,4th Avenue, 9004

LosAngeles, Oakwood

[email protected]

JessePinkman, Police Inspector

254,4th Street Los Angeles



Hellosir, I am John, and I am a resident of Oakwood having resided herefor over twenty years. I wish to express my gratitude to the State’sleadership for taking care of the interests of the residents of theregion.

However,my major reason for writing this letter is to complain about theincreasing number of night clubs in the heart of residential estates.Over the past two years, night clubs with banging music playing overthe whole night have increasingly found themselves at the heart ofvarious residential estates. The clubs place no concern on theinterests of the residents, as they carry out their activities asnormal. The loud music interrupts the normal sleeping patterns of thevarious people in the estates such as the small school going childrenand the people who have to wake up early to report to theirworkplaces.

Inlight of the mentioned complaint, I would like to request your officeto take care of the situation and control these night clubs.

Thanksin advance.



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