Writing Deficiencies

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Writingskills are believed to be a vital qualification necessary for anindividual to get a job. However, most employees, including recentgraduates have severe writing problems. As such, organizations arespending a lot of money every year to solve the issue (Quibble&amp Griffin, 2007). Thus, numerous studies have been carried out in writing defects todetermine how they cause both tangible and intangible costs tobusinesses. Accordingly, the article investigates the possiblereasons for writing deficiencies and provides evidence to show that amodified context-based approach, glossing method, and consistenterror marking can reduce mistakes in students’ texts (Quibble &ampGriffin, 2007).

Accordingto the study, most employers consider the writing skills portrayed byworkers to be unsatisfactory (Quibble&amp Griffin, 2007).On the other hand, questions about the most suitable tactics forteaching grammar have been raised by various scholars. Quibble usedthe observation method to investigate the writing flaws exhibited bystudents. For example, he asked the participants to identify andlabel errors in several samples. The results showed a strongconnection between identifying and correcting mistakes. Thus, hesuggested that the error-labeling technique is the best approach toimprove writing skills.

Nevertheless,the article also explains that the context-based system is a betterstrategy compared to the original rules-based method as it focuses ongrammar instruction, particularly what students read and write(Quibble&amp Griffin, 2007).Then again, the sentence-combining system that involves teachingcomplex phrases and forming a series of short sentences isrecommended as an alternative to the context-based style (Nielsen,2014).Furthermore, the research has shown that it is more helpful forstudents to correct labeled errors using the glossing technique. Thefindings illustrate that putting more focus on grammar instructionand punctuation rules will help reduce writing weaknesses (Nielsen,2014).

Consequently,the results suggest the best strategy to correct writing mistakes.The study opposes the rules-based approach of teaching grammarclaiming it has had little or no impact on students’ writing skillsbecause the learners lack prior knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, andcontext to help them understand the guidelines. The article concludesby showing that writing skills can be enhanced when the variousapproaches are combined. Therefore, it is vital to focus teaching thegrammar and punctuation rules as a way of improving writtencommunication (Quibble&amp Griffin, 2007).


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