Wit and Death be no proud

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WitandDeathbe no proud

Howwould you wish the medical research team to treat the patients towhom they are treating and at the same time studying their ailment?

Iidentify with Susie who acts as Vivian`s primary care nurse. Susiespends most of her time next to Vivian, and she is the only oneunderstanding the challenges and pains that Vivian is going throughduring her stay at the hospital. At one point she requests the doctorto minimize the dose administered to Vivian as it is giving hersevere negative effects. Susie is empathetic, and she feels the painthat Vivian is going through. When Vivian wants to give up on theultrasound, Susie tells her in a calm way to go and take the test.She encourages Vivian to take up the test as it is for her benefit.Susie is persistent as she pleads with Vivian to find her innerstrength and try to finish the recommended dose no matter how hardthings become. I love her caring nature because as the movie developsshe forms a bond with Vivian and in fact becomes like her familysince Vivian has no relatives. She is there when Vivian needs to betaken anywhere or when Vivian requires anything. Susie also comfortsVivian when she says she is scared of her medical condition. Shedepicts the human side that the rest of the medical team fails todepict in their effort to research on advanced cancer that Vivian issuffering from. Susie’s compassionate nature makes her feel sorryfor Vivian that she is on her deathbed. Her character is one I woulddesire to acquire, as it would make it easy for me to make friendsand connect with strangers to form meaningful friendships.

Fromthe film Wit,I get to understand that life draws back to the manner in which youtreat people. Vivian is surprised to find that her student Jason is alead researcher in the hospital, and he is specifically attached tothe cancer department. At one point Vivian regrets not teaching herstudents humanity, as Jason depicts very little empathy. For now, hisinterest is research and not how the patient feels during theresearch period. If Vivian would have been a little bit caring andhumanly towards her students, then Jason may have paid littleattention to her suffering. It is also important to devote time tomeet up with friends and family. Invest time in them while you stillhave the energy because a day comes when someone needs their company.A family is important in life as it comforts and provides a solacewhen somebody is in trouble. By family, it does not necessarily meanthe people we have blood relations it means anyone who is close andvalue. For Vivian, she is not married, and her parents are dead andwere it not for Susie, who is her nurse, Vivian would have been verylonely, and maybe the ailment would have taken its toll on her. Fromthe poem Deathbe not proud,I learn that death is a process that happens to every human being,and thus we should always be alert for it. Death also seems to bringto an end the suffering and tribulations that human beings gothrough, for when they die, they sleep eternally.

Accordingto Vivian’s experience, a nursing professional should know thepatient’s ailment well to give the patient the right medication.Vivian is at one point happy with the way Jason is adamant withcarrying out research and this is evident in the way he describes toVivian about the cancerous cells. For Vivian, she has always wantedto be aware of subjects related to literature and English as sheconsidered herself an intellectual. Nurses should also be humanlytowards their patients as this is a lesson Vivian learns the hardway. For Vivian, all that mattered was the intellectual success andnot the meaningful relationships she would have formed with herstudents such as Jason. At one time, she forces Jason to submit anassignment on time despite his grandmother death that week. WheneverVivian sees Susie, she immediately puts a happy face for she is awarethat her friend has arrived, and she will understand some of the painshe is going through. Vivian seems to love Susie because of herwelcoming nature despite Susie’s less intellectual than the medicalteam led by Dr. Kelekian.


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