Windows Tips and Tricks

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WindowsTips and Tricks

WindowsTips and Tricks

Themain goal of using the modern technology at work is to make workeasier and save time. Many people use computers to carry outwork-related as well as personal tasks, but they are not aware of theexistence of shortcuts that can help them save more time. MicrosoftCorporation is a technology company that has released differentversions of the Windows operating system. Each of the Windowsversions is developed with features that make its usage simpler andfaster (Chacos,2014). Thispaper will focus on three ways through which the users of Windows canoperate the program faster. The discovery of windows technologycreated a new dawn of technology advancement.

Usingthe Keyboard to Launch Taskbar Programs

Themajority of the users of computers believe that they can accessdifferent programs faster using the Windows taskbar by clickingspecific software with the help of a mouse. However, users ofcomputers can save time by using the keyboard to launch the taskbarprograms (Chacos,2014).The application of shortcuts is accomplished using keyboardcombinations. All programs in the taskbar are assigned numericalshortcuts. The program that is closest to the start button isassigned the numerical figure of “1” (Chacos,2014). Theuser of a computer can launch any of the taskbar programs by pressinga combination of the Windows key and a corresponding numericalfigure. For example, the users can open the program adjust to thestart key by pressing Windows + 1.

Launchinga New Instant of a Given Program

Thelist of icons located in the taskbar can be used as a quick way oflaunching a new instance of each of the respective programs. In otherwords, a computer user can launch a second, third, or even a fourthprogram without following the long procedures, once the first one hasbeen successfully opened. A quick launch of a new version of a givenprogram is accomplished using the two-step process. First, the userpresses the shift button and holds it. Secondly, the user opens thedesired program using the normal procedure (Chacos,2014).A new version of program pops up alongside the one that was launchedinitially. For example, the user can launch a new version of arunning Mozilla Firefox program that is adjacent to the start key.This process can be accomplished by holding a shift button + Windowskey on the computer’s keyboard + 1. A new version of the MozillaFirefox will appear instantly.

TheCopy as Path Option

Usersof the Windows program can apply the keyboard to copy the location orpath of a given file. This option can be located from the Windowsclipboard. Users take advantage of this option when there is a needto copy the path of a file to the clipboard (Chacos,2014). Onecan follow a two-step process to copy the file path. First, oneshould press and hold the shift key on the computer’s keyboard.Secondly, the one should right click the target file. A list ofoptions will appear where one of them is the “copy as path”. Theprocess is simple and it saves time.


Eachversion of the Windows operating system is developed with specialcharacters that make it easier to use. One can use the keyboard tolaunch programs that are located in the taskbar without relying onthe mouse. In addition, it is possible to apply shortcuts to open newversions of any of the programs that are in use. Moreover, shortcutscan help the users copy the file path of a specific program.


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Windows Tips and Tricks

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WindowsTips and Tricks

THESIS:Thediscovery of windows technology created a new dawn of technologyadvancement and prolification. The main aim and drive towardstechnology development and application is to save time by makingtedious processes shorter and easier. Each version of windowstechnology has made greats efforts in making accessibility and usageeasy and fast. Windows 7 and windows 8 are widely used. However, mostusers are unaware of processes and tricks with which one can use forprompt file access as well as avoid multiple clicks on windows anddialogue boxes. This study aims at revealing and bringing forthnumerous tricks and tips that make windows gadget easy and enjoyableto use(Chacos, 2014).

  1. Launching taskbar programs and applications using the keyboard

Toopen a program using keyboard keys combination,

  1. Each program aligned to the right of the start button on the task bar is always assigned a specific number depending on its position from the start button.

  2. The closest program to the start button is assigned number “1” the second assigned “2” and so on.

  3. To access a program positioned next to the start button, press the windows key plus the number position of the program location on the task bar. That is, windows key + 1(Chacos, 2014).

  1. To launch a second instance of a program

Windowsusers may find it cumbersome to open a second, third or…instance ofan already running program or application. This can be made mucheasier by:

  1. Hold the shift button on the keyboard

  2. Use the above mentioned procedure on Launching taskbar programs and applications using the keyboard open the program (procedure1).

  3. For instance to open a new windows of a an already running maxilla Firefox program positioned next to the start button on the task bar, simply hold the Shift button+ windows key on the keyboard+ “1” and another maxilla Firefox windows opens (Chacos, 2014).

  1. To copy as path

Thekey board also offers an easier and quick “copy as path” optionto windows users. A user may need to copy the location of a file. Theoption is availed by the windows clipboard. However, it is made mucheasier by:

  1. Holding in the shift button on the key board

  2. Right click the file you want to copy as path. A list of options appears among them “copy as path” option.


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