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In terms of discussing resources, we must first acknowledge thatthere is a rapid shift from computers and laptops to mobile devices.Mobile devices are more convenient simply because of theirportability. I have noted with interest that (name) suggested a newapp called iA Writer that provides some office functionalitiesavailable on Windows or Mac-based computers. Along the same line, Ihave discovered a new app that aids in the study of the brain and thenervous system for nurses and medical personnel called Brain andNervous System Pro III. The app has been around for some time but thelatest version has received major improvements. The app is availableon Google Playstore and iTunes for use in android and iOS-baseddevices respectively at a cost of $10. The app allows users to view3D interactive images of the brain and the nervous systems whereparts and their functions are all labeled. The app can thus aidlearners and nurses in accessing quick information on the brain andthe nervous systems in a convenient manner.

A screenshot ofthe app in use from iTunes.

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I agree with the views of encouraging mindfulness or yoga for nurses.I believe some of the postures associated with yoga are more likelyto encourage more people to try out this new way of living. As such,I agree that more yoga and mindfulness-related images should beuploaded as suggested by Erica. This will not only serve as anintroduction to people into yoga. There is one website dedicated toyoga needs specifically for nurses. The website( seeks to address yoga matters specific tonurses. The core intention is to offer three main services: guideindividuals towards self-care and stress management creating health,peace and wisdom and yoga therapy for nurses and patients. Thiswebsite can provide important lessons in the yoga journey.


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