Why I want to become A Professional Nurse

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WhyI want to become A Professional Nurse

WhyI want to become a Professional Nurse

Iconsider caring for sick persons as a calling rather than a randomduty. Nurses work in onerous environments that entail educating,treating, advising, learning and making follow-ups on variousconditions ailing clients (Chang et al., 2015). The skills that theprofessionals possess can be utilized in diverse settings, and Ibelieve that I will find satisfaction in the practice. There aredistictive reasons why I have chosen to pursue professional nursing.

First,working in a medical setting will fulfill my childhood goal ofassisting people in pain, desperation, and convalescence. Myinspiration was triggered by various health professionals who Iinteracted with in my cradle and later years on different occasions.According to Hoeveet al. (2014), relievingpain and suffering from helpless individuals can be an efficaciousexperience especially if one watches them improve under his or hercare. To me, such cognizance would result in a happier life propelledby the objective to see more patients receiving vital information onhow to remain healthy and manage their conditions.

Secondly,I understand that the career is not devoid of hurdles that cansometimes be demoralizing. However, I consider my ability to workunder pressure and making resolutions in demanding situations as anasset to the career. Working for long and odd hours would not be ahindrance to my career development since my desire will be driven bythe power to serve.

Inaddition, as a professional registered nurse, I will be in a positionto exploit the numerous training opportunities that arise in thefaculty. Nurses enroll in the Continuous Education Program toacquaint themselves with the emerging trends that are geared towardsimproving service delivery (Hoeveet al., 2014).Therefore, I have chosen nursing as a path to quench my desire forknowledge. Furthermore, attaining a wide range of contemporary skillswould increase my versatility to work in diverse situations andcontribute to the wellbeing of different members of the community.

Theprofession will also heighten my contribution to the nursingprofession, the university and the community at large. Through thecontinuous study, I will be part of a dynamic team that will continueredefining the practice by developing client-oriented practices. Thefield is also marked with continuous research to develop contemporaryevidence-based practices (Chang et al., 2015). The university offersmyriad opportunities for conducting studies and my inquisitivenesssand desire for knowledge will be instrumental in exploiting suchopportunities.

Iwill also bring on board desirable collaboration skills that will beindispensable to the university’s fraternity. The imperativediscoveries made by scholars in the field are the result ofcollaboration between students, instructors and other stakeholders.In the past, I have worked in teams at school and at the communitylevel to achieve specific objectives. The group dynamics and the needto attain the goals nurtured my appreciation for teamwork. TheUniversity will, therefore, find me as an asset to the nursingdepartment since I will willingly work in goal-oriented teams tolearn and to contribute to the overall nursing practice.

Finally,the vision of the university is to produce leaders in differentcadres and be the institution’s ambassadors. Professional nursesare not only trained as healthcare delivery agents but as a teamforerunners and initiators. Pursuing the career will develop my groupmanagement and prognostic skills. I will, therefore, become aneffective factotum to represent the good image of the university andbe a model nurse for prospective students.


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