Volunteer Nurse Turnover

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VolunteerNurse Turnover

VolunteerNurse Turnover

Datato be collected

Nurse turnover in healthcare institutions is a problem that affectspatient care (O’Brien-Pallas, Murphy, Shamian, Li, &amp Hayes,2010). Despite the shortage of the nurses, turnover continues to bea common occurrence in healthcare organizations. Nurses who volunteerto offer services to patients end up quitting work when they areneeded the most by hospitals. Because of the same, it is essential tounderstand the rationale behind volunteer nurse turnover and come upwith appropriate interventions to help address the situation (Hayeset al., 2012). Data should be collected that would help provide adeeper understanding of the factors related to nurse turnover. Asurvey should be conducted amongst the selected nurse’s populationto help gain a broader understanding of the concept of turnover. Thedata would be collected from nurses who are volunteers in differenthospitals. Ordinal data would be collected which is based onquestions that are asked in the survey. Answers to the surveyquestion would be based on five primary categories

  1. Strongly agree

  2. Disagree

  3. Neutral

  4. Agree

  5. Strongly disagree

Response to the questions posed will form the basis of the data thatis collected.

Ideal Target

The data would be collected from nurses working as volunteers indifferent hospital set ups. The choice of volunteer nurses emanatesfrom the need to gain a broader understanding of what causesvolunteer nurses to quit work in a typical hospital environment.Through the survey conducted, it would be possible to get morecomprehensive understanding regarding nursing turnover amongvolunteer nurses (O’Brien-Pallas et al., 2010). Participants ofthe study would be selected from different hospital to guaranteediversity in the sample size. A total of five hundred nurses would bechosen from seventy hospitals located across the city. However,inclusion to participate in the study would be based on whether oneis a volunteer nurse or not. Questionnaires with the survey questionswill only be sent to volunteer nurses who offer to participate in thestudy. Volunteer nurses registered or unregistered with the nursesassociation would be enrolled for the survey. Those outside theidentified scope stipulated will not participate in the study, andthat would serve as exclusion criteria.

Data Collection Process

The process would entail sending out a questionnaire to all theidentified participants of the study. They would be expected toprovide answers based on the framework provided. After answering thequestions, the participants will be expected to return thequestionnaires for further analysis. The data collection process willbe done with the assistance of the group members. Each group memberwould be assigned a particular role including the identification ofpotential participants. It would then be followed by sending out thequestionnaires to the identified volunteer nurses. They would beexpected to provide answers and send back the questionnaire. Adifferent group member will assist in compiling the data tofacilitate the analysis process.


Analysis of the data would be conducted using regression analysis.The choice of ordinal data makes it appropriate to employ aregression method for analysis (Harrell, 2015). However, the analysiswould be based on the variables chosen for the study as highlightedin the questionnaire.

Presentation of Data

Data would be presented based on results of the analysis. It would bedone through comparison of various factors that could be associatedwith the turnover rates among volunteer nurses.


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