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Personal Reflection

Every person holds different values about what they do and requiresdifferent things to feel fulfilled and satisfied in their dailyactivities. For some, that might be creative expression, socialinteraction, power, fame or money. For others, it could beindependence, helping others or intellectual challenge. Identifyingwhat motivates people helps in planning a productive and fulfillingcareer and creating an enabling environment where they can thrive.However, I believe personal motivation to do daily activities dependson personal attitudes because it is not sufficient to look just atperson’s attributes and skills in every career, rather,self-analysis should also factor in personal attitude, behavior andmotivation in their daily lives. Undeniably, this has been my strongreflection of attitude, character, and motivation.

Fortunately, I always consider myself an optimist, I ensure to lookat the positive light of things, which I believe will help me tosucceed in what I do, even though I have to make an admission thatworking as a teacher entails a lot of patience and motivation. Forone, not everyone can face up to the challenge of explaining samethings year in year out. Most often your patience would wither andcan wear out eventually, when you have to deal with children some ofwhom are less motivated to learn and take up school chores. Sometimesyou will be yelled by an angry parent. Looking at this picture, it iscrystal clear that one cannot remain in this profession in a longrun. In my early years of teaching, I often thought of tendering myresignation letter.

I guess what keeps me doing what I do is my attitude. Besides beingoptimistic, I am also resilient and focused, and my daily activitiesmake me want to improve and prove myself more. I must also admit thatgood relationship with colleagues and by seeing the fruits of mylabor motivates me to perform all my responsibilities. On addition,it has been my experience that remaining motivated helps to displayhigh performance, and stay energetic, determined and enthusiastic,and work with the colleagues to overcome daily challenges. On thecontrary, lack of motivation leads to poor time keeping, absenteeism,grievances, apathy, personal unhappiness and lack of cooperation.This is the reason I believe one of the best ways in which I canremain motivated in what I do is by setting goals for myself andthinking about things that appeal to me and make me happy.

My first goal is to do what I am supposed to do in the right time andway and transform a life of another person. This was the main reasonwhy I choose an educational career. In this job, one gets anopportunity to nature talents, transform life, equip people and makea positive contribution to the society. I am more excited when I havenew information to share with my students and other staff members. Iprefer to have internal motivation as opposed to the externalrewards. When I believe in the idea, I try to align my values withwhat I want. Over the years I have used this as an influential sourceof my daily motivation. I have realized internal motivation is anessential ingredient to achieve happy atmosphere, individual success,and peace of mind in my daily activities.

My inner realization that I am accomplishing my goals in life andplaying a role in making the world a better place is another sourcemotivation (Roy, 2015). In my daily activities, I endeavor to ensurethat I have a positive impact in the world. I realized that happinessdoes not come from getting much wealth, power or fame. I derivesatisfaction and pleasure from living who I am in my dailyactivities. After knowing the reason for my existence is to leave mymark in what I do, I am more motivated to do what I do as a ‘calling’rather than a ‘job.` This is because while the job will deplete meand always make me eager for financial or any other kind of reward,doing it as a calling energizes me and always leads to personalfulfillment.

On addition, my internal motivation comes from my feelings, thoughts,goals, and values. Focusing more on internal motivation as opposed tothe external reward has helped me to ensure that I am excited andenthusiastic each morning to attend to my daily activities (Roy,2015). I have an internal self-desire to seek out a new experience,things, and challenges, analyze my capacity and gain knowledge eachday. Letting my sense of enjoyment and interest to drive me helps tohave a locus of control over my life and daily activities. To ensurethat my days end well, I always have an interest in mastering varioustopics and issues, and I believe in my skills (self-efficacy beliefs)to be an efficient and effective agent in attaining my desired goals.

The Engine ThatKeeps Me Late At Night and Going in the Morning

According to Cooper and Ratele (2014), we are not motivated by ‘what’to get out of bed in the morning, but ‘why’. It is not‘what’ that drives us to become an expert in our field,and offer excellent service it is the ‘why’. My drive isnot about making money, but about making a difference in the lives ofpeople. Those motivated by money do not commit themselves for a longtime in a stressful job. Teachers experience a high amount of stress,with more than 30% of people in U.S. believing that teaching anextremely stressful profession (Roy, 2015). Work related stress isoften mentioned as a primary reason for teachers turning over the jobafter working for few years. Factors that contribute to teachingstress include disruptive students, role overload, over demandingparents, poor relationship with colleagues, lack of support fromschool administration, and high stake student testing.

It is no secret that those teachers with a great motivation help tomeet the educational objectives efficiently. To cope in the teachingprofession, I inwardly strive to be competent and give myself anintrinsic reward. Over the years the amount of work required of ateacher has increased significantly in U.S. curriculum emphasis andchanges in syllabi and teaching standards have placed greater demandson the teaching profession. Even though, much is demanded of me as ateacher, I am motivated by seven main factors: students, teaching,good working conditions, autonomy, actionable feedback, mycolleagues, and professional development opportunities. Nothingencourages and drives me to perform at the peak of my abilities andbe well prepared, than an imagination that a group of students willbe looking at me in the morning, waiting for me to teach them. I feelmuch empowered when students have an insight about what I am teachingor when I teach them a new way of doing things, the feeling ofmotivation and empowerment is indescribable.

Teaching has always been intrinsically rewarding to me. As stated, myprimary objective of entering a teaching profession was to touch thelives of students. As a socially conscious individual, teaching givesme a daily feedback that I am making a difference in the world andshaping the future. Having a serene working environment has alwaysgiven me the extra zeal always to be at my best. Sufficientresources, engaged parents, supportive administrators, and friendlycolleagues give me much interest and enthusiasm to wake up and faceeach new day. I am motivated when I have freedom to improvise withinthe curriculum confines and meet varying needs of students. Aprofessional autonomy creates an opportunity for me to plan ahead andbe more motivated each morning. On addition to this, watching mystudents in the act of learning gives me my every day actionablefeedback. From the observation, I can know the extent to which mymethods have been effective. Finally, a thought that each new daypresents an opportunity to develop professionally and increase myexperience, motivates and keeps me awake at night!

What StandsBetween Me and My Ultimate Dream

I have a dream of always excelling in life, escalating on my careerladder, been happier, and having more impact on the lives of manypeople. The dream is born from internal aspiration to have moreachievement and meet all my life goals. Even though my construct ofintention is indispensable in elucidating my motivation and attainingmy dreams in life, its predictive value is limited. When trying totranslate intentions into the achievement of dreams, I am often facedwith various obstacles such as fear of change, inability to create apowerful vision, conflicting bad habit, forgetting and distractions.

Other obstacles that I face include low level of self-motivationsometimes, discouragement from friends, and living in a society thatdoes not recognize any other measure of success other thanoutperforming your colleagues. I have realized in overcoming theseobstacles, motivation alone will not suffice to achieve the dream. Toovercome these limitations, there is a need for further constructsthat operate in concert with the intention to achieve my dream.

Some of the constructs that I combine with motivation to help inattaining my goal include planning, risk perception, outcomeexpectancies, and perceived self-efficacy. To ensure that I haveachieved my dream, I invest in preparatory strategies when faced withchallenges. Having a plan is critical to ensure that the present andfuture barriers are overcame successfully. One way that I plan is byanticipating the obstacles and generating alternative behaviortowards them. For example, if I find that a particular method ofteaching is not useful in motivating students and making themunderstand what I am teaching, I usually change the technique to amore favorite one. I try to exercise self-efficacy when faced withchallenges and obstacles in a bid to attain my dream. I have a strongbelief in my ability to exercise control over the changing demands(Cunningham &amp Cordeiro, 2013).

I have always trained myself to beware of the existing threats andregulate my behavior understanding contingencies between my actionand the outcome. This kind of outcome expectancy helps me to improvemy motivation. On addition to this, I try to perceive threats thatseem most obvious prerequisite for the replacement of motivation witha risk behavior. However, I always take a risk in trying to discovernew things. Been aware of myself and in control of the circumstancessurrounding what I do helps me to reduce the levels of risk thatprevent me from attaining my dreams.

Reflection onImportant Moments in My Past and Key Personal Motivations Derivedfrom Them

I performed excellently in my 12th Grade. My parents, relatives, andfriends were very proud of me. During this moment I realized that Ihave a high potential that can be tapped to assist the society. Eventhough I had confidence in my ability to perform well at school, Idid not have much courage to use my capabilities in other aspects oflife. After graduating from my Senior High School, I realized thatthere was so much potential in me that can be used by the society andother people to help them in dealing with some challenges of life.This is the moment that lead to the change in perception aboutmyself. I started to consider myself as a potential leader who caninfluence people to do the right thing. This moment motivated me tohave more confidence in myself and take an internal locus of control.

My life in campus, when pursuing my undergraduate, was life-changingmoment. Even after completing Senior high school, I was a little bitreserved and shy. I could not stand before people and make acontribution. However, in campus I joined various groups includingEducation and Business Groups. These groups were made up of studentswho gave me a chance to express and believe in myself and helped meto rediscover that I can be a leader. I was given various tasks tohandle and present to the groups. This helped me to appreciate myselfand make a positive contribution to the team. As a result, internalmotivation was ignited, and I found my purpose in life, which is toserve humanity and add value to the life of other people.

As a teacher, I remember a moment when I was selected the best leaderin our department. My colleagues voted for me as the most promisingleader in the department. I was so elated by the moment that I madeup my mind to ensure that I have positioned my career and educationin such a way that I will be viable to take up future leadershippositions in education. I was motivated to know that little thingsthat you do to achieve your purpose in life are recognized by otherpeople, and they drive other people to have focus and locus ofcontrol over their life. I am also motivated when I hear my studentssay that I am their role model.

My PersonalEducation Vision in the Context of the Above Reflections

My vision in education is to become effective leader, who has skills,knowledge, and attitudes that will help to build a learningcommunities in a culturally diverse society. Given my high personalmotivation, I am focused on getting education that will empower me totransform an educational community and organization. Currently, I ama student because I want to pursue teaching career that will help meto influence more people positively. The product of the educationalinstitution is human capital. This means that the best way in whichone can change organizations’ culture and attitude toward variousissues in the society is by changing the perspective of studentsbefore they graduate into human resource. As such, pursuing aneducational career is critical to my attainment of my vision ofimproving the society.

The educational values that I hold dear to my heart aredetermination, honesty, and dedication. These values have made mevery passionate about teaching career and pursuing further educationto ensure that I always delver the best to my students (Pink, 2011).I am very passionate about developing my education. On top of takingeducation related courses, I ensure that I read widely. A teacher andeducational leader need to be very informed about the currentaffairs. By been well versed with current information I am able touse current teaching methods and always ready to respond to variousqueries from the students. I hope to be sufficiently skilled,educated and knowledgeable such that I will discharge variouseducational leadership responsibilities in a diligent andprofessional way.

Given that some of the obstacles that prevent me from attaining mydreams in life include having habits that are not in line with what Iwant to achieve, I am determined to ensure that I remain focused andcommitted in my pursuit of educational career. Given various pastexperiences and challenges, I have learned ways in which I can dealwith challenges and remain focused on my educational vision. Having avision has helped me to have a metric that I use to gauge the extentto which I am achieving personal satisfaction. The vision has guidedme to have a discipline when pursuing personal education and ensurethat I gave it my best. As such, my educational vision has played amajor role in motivating me to give my best not only to my assignedduties but also to my studies.

The EducationalAdministrative Role I Plan To Pursue Within the Next Five Years

Within the next five years, I want to pursue a position of a schoolprinciple in one of the leading schools or educational institution inthe State. I want to be an administrator who will be able to overseethe organization as a whole as opposed to just been a teacher in aclassroom. Given my intrinsic motivation I will be able to meet mybasic educational purpose, which is to enhance learning and teaching.The reason I aspire to become a principle in an education institutionis because teaching program and learning is performed well when it iscoordinated effectively by the principal (Fullan, 2015). This meansthat administrators play a critical role in shaping a safe andpositive environment through provision of adequate resources andfacilities, to effectively foster learning and teaching.

Haviung an Educational Administration qualification have equipped mewith knowledge about day-to-day rewards and challenges of working asa school administrator. Contemporary rapidly changing education filedneeds leaders who are committed to serve children that have varyinglifestyle and learning needs. A leader need to be very innovative toimprove educational outcome in a highly scientific and technologicalcommunity. As a school leader I willing to design and implementteaching programs which follow Common Core while at the same timemaking sure that parents, students and teachers understand the newCommon Core Standards.

Changes in educational filed calls for highly creative, qualified,and innovative school leaders, as will be within the next five years.Like many school leaders, I first earned I first earned bachelor’sdegree in education. This means that I am a licensed classroomteacher. I decided to pursue master degree to help me to become aschool principal. In the future I will pursue a Doctoral degree thatwill help me to increase my qualification to serve as a schooladministrator

Given my vision, motivation and education, I will be able to discernand influence the development of a shared vision for an educationalorganization or institution that I will lead and articulate sharedvision. I will integrate all stakeholders while coming up with goalsand establishing strategies for attainment of the shared vision anddirect and stimulate development of programs to attain purposes andgoals and establish structures and processes (Cooper &amp Ratele,2014).

The education knowledge that I will obtain in the next five yearswill help me to allocate and procure resources needed to support theeducational institution’s programs, represent the organization inthe community whenever necessary, and monitor and evaluateeffectiveness of the institutional operations. In a conclusion Iaspire to have an educational leadership position within the nextfive years that will meet three fundamental functions: administerexcellence, community and meaning (Fullan, 2015).


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