Undergraduate and Graduate Education

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Undergraduateand Graduate Education

Undergraduateand Graduate Education

Theexperience that one gets in the field of education differs as thelearner moves from one academic level to another. I believe that mygraduate education experience will differ from the undergraduate onein two ways. First, the undergraduate experience involved anintroduction to new knowledge. The purpose of the undergraduateeducation is to help students familiarize with specific subjectareas. The graduate education, on the other hand, will involve theexpansion of the knowledge, theories, terms, and principles that Ilearned during the undergraduate level. Secondly, the undergraduateeducation helped me adjust my thinking to certain theories andprinciples. The graduate academic level will involve the mastery ofthe subject areas.

Thegraduate learning community refers to a group of staff and studentswho share similar interests in specific areas of study. The existenceof common interest allows the staff and students to grow, develop,and learn together. In addition, the two parties share commonacademic goals, which create an environment for them to collaborateand share knowledge. In most cases, collaboration takes place betweenlecturers and students.

Alearning community has numerous components, but three of them arequite common. The first component is a malleable environment that isstructured in a way that permits students and their instructors tomake an input in the manner in which classes are designed anddelivered. In addition, the environment should create a thirst forknowledge in both students and instructors. The second component isthe collaboration. The term “community” implies that the learningenvironment is comprised of more than one person. Therefore,effective learning can only occur if members of the community areable to collaborate with each other. The third component of thelearning community is the stakeholders` dedication to certainresults. Members of the learning community respond to data, insteadof merely sharing information.

Undergraduateand graduate learning communities are similar in many ways. However,the main difference between the two communities is the level ofcollaboration and sharing of knowledge. Undergraduate students do nothave an in-depth understanding of the subject, which implies thatthey rely on instructors to feed them with the information. Graduatestudents, on the other hand, are more informed and they care shareinformation with their instructors.

Inconclusion, the learning environment changes as students progressfrom undergraduate to graduate academic levels. An effective learningcommunity is characterized by an environment that facilitatescollaboration as well as sharing of information.

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