Transition Planning Discuss a Resource in Transition Planning

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TransitionPlanning Discuss a Resource in Transition Planning

Atransition plan is an essential sector of the IndividualizedEducation Program (IEP) (Miner, 2013). The discussion looks into thetransition plan of a high school student into adulthood and thecrucial resource required. The change strategy focuses on thelearner’s personal requirements, strengths, talents, and desires.Such a student has various changes that are bound to occur in theirlives. They have to be aptly prepared for each one of them. Theexpected variations are a college education, vocational training,working, and living alone (Miner, 2013). Transition planning is,therefore, the method of recognizing and developing goals that haveto be fulfilled within an academic year so that the student achievestheir after-school dreams. There are various resources available fortransition planning in my community. The most effective one of themis the transition team.

Thetransition team comprises of a few personnel from the school, afamily member, and the student. It is the mandate of the team toprovide strategies that will work towards a smooth changeover for thespecific student (Miner, 2013). Every learner within the communityhas their dreams, goals, and objectives. Thus, the transition teamhas to quickly identify the desires of the student that they areassisting. The next stage is to determine the right steps that willensure the student can attain their goals (Miner, 2013). Every stephas to be clearly stipulated to guarantee the student will have aneffective transition plan. The main sectors include time management,financial responsibility and personal safety (Miner, 2013). If thestudent wants to pursue further learning, they can have a dailyroutine, which, assigns more time for academics than otheractivities. An athlete student can be encouraged to spend more hoursat practice using the same format. Learners are then given properinsight that relates to money management and personal safety. Suchinformation helps these students within the area to cope with stayingalone. These methods have to align with the IEP regulations (Miner,2013). The strategy is recorded, and a copy is given to the studentso that they can keenly follow it.

Thecommunity team then conducts regular follow-ups on the student forthe entire duration that they will still be in high school. Thereason for these checkups is to confirm that the pupil is faithfullykeeping to the transition plan so that they achieve their goals(Miner, 2013). Thus, the transition team is a vital resource instrategizing for the expected change a high school student isanticipated to undergo as they get to adulthood (Miner, 2013).


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