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Diversitytraining is important in any organization since it promotes cohesionand integration of various work cultures. As employees work in anorganization, there is a need for harmony and teamwork. Diversitytraining is very critical in bringing the perceptions and thoughts ofvarious employees together hence creating the harmony (Seth, 2010).Through diversity training, the whole employee fraternity caninteract with other cultures and mindsets, which help them in growingboth intellectually and morally. Adaptability and cohesiveness arequite important in an organizational framework. They ensure areduction in employee turnover. Additionally, they provide groundsfor employee growth and learning. Diversity training is one areawhere adaptability and cohesiveness could be achieved. It is,therefore, important to ensure periodic diversity training among theemployees as it ensures efficiency in production (McGuire, &ampBagher, 2010).

Inthe current context of organizational management, businesses havebeen globalized. This calls for diversified employees who are canwork in different cultural and language setting. With the diversitytraining in place, staffs will be in a position to acquire skills andknowledge, which suits the globalized business environment (Seth,2010). With the understanding of the cultures and work norms ofvarious organizations and people, employees will be efficient incarrying out their duty, thereby improving their productivity.Diversity training also promotes innovation (Golembiewski, 2015).Interactions and communications of new ideas encourage the notion ofcreativity among individuals. As training is instituted, the staffswith diversified minds are capable of getting the best innovation.With consultations from a network of well-coordinated employees, itbecomes quite easy to institute growth and development among theemployee fraternity. Innovations are the core to making a company beon the competitive edge. With diversity training, it is expected thatthese firms would be at the competitive edge (McGuire, &amp Bagher,2010).


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