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Basically,a toll road refers to a highway where drivers have to pay a certainamount of fee for their passage. The payment is a form of roadpricing which is used to finance the cost of construction as well astheir maintenance. However, these roads have both merits and demeritsfor drivers as demonstrated in the discussion.

Advantagesof toll roads for a driver

Tobegin with, toll roads are beneficial to the drivers because theyhelp them circumvent heavy traffic jams. This is beneficial since inavoiding inconveniences associated with congestion and trafficsnarl-ups (StosselClassroom,2010). Additionally,there are different lanes enabling drivers to use more direct routes.On the same note, motorists can travel at relatively higher speedwith less probability of an accident. Also, the roads are wellmaintained thus reducing incidences of drivers dealing with vehiclebreakdown or any other mechanical issues (StosselClassroom,2010).


Thetoll fee is the main disadvantages for drivers using these roads. Itis an added cost to fuelling and motor vehicle maintenance expenses.

Anindividual may prefer to pay for a toll road than to use a free roadfor conveniences purposes. For instance, if they are in a hurry, itis prudent for them to use toll roads to avoid city traffic anddelays.

Alternativeway to pay for highways

Apartfrom tolls or higher motor fuel taxes, Oregon has suggested per milefee system where road users are expected to pay based on distancecovered.

Environmentalaspects of using toll roads versus free roads

Theless traffic associated with toll roads largely contributes to asafer surrounding. Both noise and air pollution are significantlyminimized resulting in an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Also,continuous maintenance of toll roads reduces the number of roadaccidents thus preserving the environment (StosselClassroom,2010).

Conceptsfor this week’s chapters

Thefirst concept is the status of the highway. Evidently, the closingbalance released for the fiscal year 2016 indicates a significantdecline in the amount of revenue collected. This is relevant to thisweek’s topic because the toll fee charged from drivers can be usedto reimburse the shortages. Also, the tax policy seeks to have abroad based approach in collecting its revenue. Apart from diesel andgas taxes, toll charges is a substantial boost to the amount of taxcollected. This is related to this week’s topic on toll roads.

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