Time Monitoring

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Timeis a resource that is equal for all, but varies according to tasksand priorities. Allocation of time depends on the urgency of goals tobe achieved within deadlines. Personally, a review of my timemanagement is shown by hourly-based activities that I recorded fromMonday through Wednesday starting at 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. The three-dayrecord of my time management shows primary tasks that consumer mytime. Analysis of the time monitoring worksheet from 5 a.m. to 10p.m. highlights five main activities that include logging into thecloud classroom to review assignments and read, doing personalhygiene, watching television, eating, and working on assignment anddiscussion questions.

Analysisof the time monitoring worksheet emphasizes the fact that Iprioritize learning tasks. That explains the reason behind allocatingabout 8 hours to log to the cloud classroom, read, and works onassignment and discussion questions. I consult the semester calendarand classroom weekly schedules to allocate time to ensure completionof syllabus items within the 8 hours. Ideally, learning activitiestake up a fixed time block. It is my personal decision to scheduleacademic activities in a regular manner to enhance my academicperformance. Therefore, learning activities take up most of my dailytime as a student.

Efficienttime management requires utilization of flexible time to finish tasksthat require priority. I believe I should have enough flexible timeto attend to interruptions and as an opportunity to reflect on mypersonal life. Hence, I realized that after eating at 4 p.m., I spendthree hours watching TV. Alternatively, I believe I could increase myefficiency by reducing the entertainment hours to two instead offour. Furthermore, I would like to reform my entertain habits whichseem to suck up most of my time. Comparatively, I spend 8 hoursstudying and 4 hours watching TV, which asserts the fact that I wastealmost half of my time on a useless task. I intend to reform bystarting a physical exercise workout program that would take up 1hour daily to replace TV. Similarly, I realized I lack time toconnect with other student and socialize to build my personal networkof friends. The remainder 1 hour would be dedicated to studies toincrease my classroom productivity or to visit friends.

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