Time and Stress Management

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Timeand Stress Management

Mostpeople have difficulties in managing time and stress. Time arguablyis the most valuable resource that we have thus it is supposed to bemanaged effectively for us to be more productive in our professions.Stress also has detrimental effects on our workplace. To avert theseeffects, there is a need to manage our stress adequately whether theyemerge from the working environment or not (Denisco &amp Barker,2013). As such, various strategies and programs have been broughtforward to aid the process of time and stress management. This workis going to explore the biggest challenge about completing theprogram when employing the blended online learning approach andequally offer strategies and suggestions to other students whom wemay share these concerns with.

Thebiggest concern

Thebiggest concern of completing this program using the blended onlinelearning approach is that most students are going to fall behind thegroup discussion (Denisco et al., 2013). Majority of them are goingto read several posts worth reading in one discussion. As such, somemay not contribute to the discussion adequately.

Strategyand suggestion to deal with the concern

Todeal with this concern, there are strategies I can employ and I canas well suggest to my fellow students whom we may share this concernwith. One of the strategies is to precisely embrace the objectives ofcompleting this program through online learning approach (Nejkovic &ampTosic, 2014). Thus, these objectives will form the basis and a leewayof completing the program using online learning.

Icould also suggest that meeting face to face at least once afterevery discussion can be helpful as well. In this case, the group`smembers may have time to clarify their posts better and as wellrefresh their interactions offline. This cements their understanding.


Blendingthis program with online learning program can be very interesting andequally enjoyable since it will give the student time to research onthe topic of discussion and post adequate answers. However, theconcerns mentioned above have to be dealt with for the program to endsuccessfully.


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