The Role of Christianity in the History of the Reformation of the Society

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TheRole of Christianity in the History of the Reformation of the Society


Christianityprovides fundamental values that facilitate reformation of the entiresociety. 1 Timothy 1: 8-10 expounds on the law, it states that thelaw is fruitful when used properly and that the law was establishedfor the unrighteous, but not the righteous. Galatians 5: 19-21discusses the various worldly evils that prevents people frominheriting the kingdom of God, this evils include sexual immorality,hatred, envy and idolatry. In the 1st Corinthians 6: 9, Paulelaborates on immorality he highlights various immoralities of theunrighteous. Christianity plays a significant role in shaping thebehavior of the community thereby leading to its reformation.

TheRole of Christianity in History of the Reformation of the Society

Inhis book, the protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism, MaxWeber examines the relationship between the protestant’s valuesystem and contemporary capitalism. He points out that the protestantvalue system which was based on hard work and prosperity led to theemergence of capitalism. In the protestant societies, prosperity wasseen as proof of God’s blessings. The protestant ethics encouragedpeople to work hard and set up businesses. The scriptures abovepoints out the moral values that a Christian is supposed to practice.These values have been paramount in the history of the reformation ofthe society. Christianity helped shape the behavior of the communityby restricting immoral conducts such as corruption and sexualimmoralities. These values help establish human rights, and a commonbelief that all people are born free and equal in the eyes of theirCreator. This belief was central in the abolition of slaveryespecially in the western societies (Hillerbrand, 2008). Christianityhas impacted on all aspects of the society since it is based on love.In other religions there exist a wide disparity between genderswomen are mistreated and denied basic human rights. On the otherhand, Christianity teaches its followers to be loving towardseveryone regardless of their gender or race. It emphasizes the needto take care of the needy, orphans and widows.


Christianityhas played a significant role in the reformation of the society. Theprotestant value system was one of the main factors that led to theemergence of capitalism. Christianity is based primary on love andhence prohibits oppression of other people in the society.Christianity also provides an explicit values that enable people tocoexist. It has shaped the political, social and economic structuresby encouraging service to other.


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