The Request for Proposal

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TheRequest for Proposal

TheRequest for Proposal

Thepurpose of the request for a proposal is to ensure the healthfacility procures the most competitively priced Electronic HealthRegister (EHR) system that is needed to provide quality healthcare tothe patients. Green Tree Healthcare is requesting proposals fromqualified vendors to provide a EHR system as a digital version of apatient’s paper chart. The purpose of the request for a proposal isto ensure the health facility procures the most competitively pricedEHR system that is needed to provide quality healthcare to thepatients. The formulation of the request for proposal needs to be assimple or complex as it should ensure that the prospective suppliersand vendors understand precisely what the organization is looking forin their EHR system which will go beyond standard clinical datacollected in a provider setting and be inclusive of a broader view ofa patient coordinated care. Green Tree Healthcare was primarilyestablished to ensure access to a comprehensive health care systemand the delivery of quality services for the local residents. Thehospital accomplishes its mission through various programs andservices, including an integrated Trauma System, School Nurseprogram, Skilled Nursing Facility, and a health facility.

Creatinga request for proposal


Thepurpose of the request for proposal

TheGreen Tree Healthcare Center is requesting proposals from qualifiedsuppliers to provide it with a digitalized version of patientinformation using the EHR. The new system is expected to go beyondthe common health records system to incorporate a platform forintegration of patient information.

Proposalsubmission and opening

Thequalified vendors are requested to submit their proposals on orbefore 2:00 pm on the date stipulated in the proposal schedule. Allproposals, therefore, not submitted at the stipulated time will notbe considered. The health facility will also not accept any bids thatare not in a sealed envelope and those submitted by email. For aproposal bid to be considered it should include an unbound originalproposal, soft copies of a PDF format proposal on a CD clearly markedwith the request for proposal number and the title. It should alsoinclude the number of the respondent as well as the address. Theproposal should be dropped at the Green Tree Health Center’sadministration offices.

Backgroundand Information

AnOverview of Organization

Theinformation should include number of staff, clients per annum,number of active clients, number of locations, services provided, andthe organization`s insurance program.

of the current IT environment

    1. Backup, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery

    2. Extent Networked

    3. Internet Service Provider

    4. Number and Type of Work Stations/Operating System

    5. Number of IT Staff

    6. Systems with which the EHR must connect

    7. Types of Servers/Operating System

    8. Website URL

    9. Wireless Capability

Requestfor Information

  1. Vendor basic information

    1. Email address

    2. Office/Location Address

    3. Organization’s Internet Home Page

    4. Phone Number

  2. Provide the vendor employee information

Thisis shown in Appendix I

  1. State whether your company is a subsidiary of another company if so, state the name of the parent company.

  2. For how long has your company been developing electronic health record systems?

  3. How much of your returns have been dedicated to the research and development of the proposed systems?

  4. Provide the recently audited financial books of accounts of your company.

  5. Give the names of all the information technology companies that you partner with, as well as the nature of the partnership.

Theelectronic health records product history.

  1. Give a brief description of the product history. The description should state whether it was bought from an external source or developed internally. The history should be specific to the model that has been proposed for our health facility.

  2. Describe how your company’s new releases and enhancements are determined, how you support your clients and how much time is needed for systems installation and upgrades.

Thefunctionality requirements form is as shown in Appendix II.

Thesystems environment specification that outlines technicalrequirements form that shows how the hospital may keep an inventoryof its ICT items is found in Appendix III

Testingand training

Providethe testing and training schedule that the company has in storeshould it be considered to supply us with the EHR system.

PriceProposalIna separate document, provide us with your pricing policy for theinstallation and implementation of the system.

Choosethree EHR vendors to send your RFP and write a short description ofthe EHR Company and provide a link to their website.

TheGreen Tree Healthcare Facility is going to send the requests forproposals to three companies, namely Epic Systems Company,Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, and Nextgen Healthcare Company. EpicSystems Corporation is a privately owned healthcare programmingcompany that holds the information of up to 54 percent of thepatients in the United States of America and over 2 percent all overthe world. The company’s website is It wasestablished in 1979 and is based in Wisconsin in the United Statesand focuses its production on targeting large health facilities(Corporation, 2016).AllscriptsHealthcare Solutions is a publicly owned company incorporated in theUnited States of America that provides hospitals and other healthcareproviders with the electronic health records. The company’s websitelink is (“,” n.d.)&nbspIt also provides solutions to patient engagement and coordinationincluding financial analysis technology. The organization has over180,000 physician subscribers and solutions in 2,700 hospitals.Nextgen Healthcare is also based in Pennsylvania in the USA. Theorganization develops and sells EHR systems to the healthcareindustry. The company is a subsidiary of quality systems(SCHNEIDER, 2005).The company’s website is, 2014)&nbsp

HowI will need to collaborate with IT staff in the selection of the EHRvendor.

Inthe selection of the electronic health vendor, the need tocollaborate with the organization’s staff is paramount. Dependingon the proficiency of the staff on the operation of computer gadgets,it is important to identify a vendor who will provide a system thatis cheaper to implement in terms of training the staff. The input ofthe staff is, therefore, advisable so as to have the right system inplace(SCHNEIDER, 2005).

HowI will apply negotiating skills in selecting my EHR vendor

Goodnegotiation strategies are required if the organization is to acquirethe best EHR system. One needs to be able to negotiate with thedifferent vendors. In a negotiation, one needs to understand that theparties have objectives they need to fulfill. Objectives should matchthe objectives to those of the organization and find out whether thetwo can be achieved concurrently without infringing on the right ofthe other party to achieve their objectives. The negotiator needs toknow the agenda of the vendor to be acquainted with their strategiesand the supplies team. The other strategy is to create a profile ofthe vendor’s negotiating team. It should be important to say thatevery individual from the purchaser`s group ought to be extremelyready for the enormous day (SCHNEIDER, 2005).

Thebasic stride is to guarantee that the right players are on thenegotiating table. In a perfect world, they ought to have been on thecross-practical sourcing group that has been getting ready for thearrangements. They ought to have a typical comprehension of thehistory, paving way to the arrangement and its objectives.Negotiators ought to be picked, or avoided, in light of theirinitiative and transaction capacities. Your group must containleaders who cover the extent of the debatable components to be talkedabout. On the other hand, it may essentially be the director whodependably offers into other`s solicitations. This is because trusttakes time to be earned and it is important to have it beforestarting negotiations. The other strategy is to review the supplier’sperformance history. This forms the basis of the arguments. Select anegotiation team and train them on what to expect, including all thenon-verbal signs so that everything is well understood.


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AppendixI. Provide the vendor employee information



Application Support

Customer care

Top level management

Installation and maintenance

Sales and marketing

Research and Development

Technical Support

Those with health backgrounds

Total Employees

AppendixII. The functionality requirements form




1. Client data capture functions

a). Captures the information captured from client data.

b). Captures and indexes external documents.

c) The capture of professional data that would not be included in the legal system.

d) Supports data capture and documentation of psychiatric evaluations that support standards of practice.

e). Renders progress or regress in both qualitative statements and quantitative measurements.

f) Provides objectives to quantify progress and represents them in a graph or another presentation format.

g). Enables development of a unique treatment plan

h). Enables capture of limited diagnostic assessment based on specified parameters.

e). Creates and manages medication list from any prescriptions and renewals, as well as keeping a record of allergies and adverse reactions.

f). Provides client’s specific goals and progress reports to staff.

g). Provides online access for clients to fill the psycho-social questionnaire and view individual treatment plans.

h). Provides secure web messaging.

i). Supports remote access.

g. Provides secure authenticating

AppendixIII. Systems environment specification that outlines technicalrequirements:



Backup solution

Card scanners


CPU type &amp speed

Database management system

Database server

Desktop browser

Disk configuration

Document scanners

E-mail server

External Support

Fax server

From hospital

Hard drive type &amp size

Internet service provider

Memory size


Navigational device

Network server

Operating system

Peripherals (e.g., wireless card)


Private network security (e.g. VPN, firewall, SSL)

Private network bandwidth

Private network type (e.g., frame relay, dial-up)


Tablet PCs/PDAs

Wireless access points

Work Stations

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