The Cost of Higher Education is Too High

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TheCost of Higher Education is Too High

Theexperience of higher education is something that should be affordableto any teenager who yearns to join a college. Many young adultsdesire to achieve a college education and hold either a diploma,higher diploma or a degree. However, this is becoming unattainableamong the youths because of the way the cost of higher education isskyrocketing. Many families cannot afford to pay the tuition moneyfor their children. College education is becoming a tertiary needsince only those kids from well-up backgrounds have the opportunityto secure a higher education certificate. Learning is believed to bevaluable for the future of youngsters by equipping them with thenecessary knowledge, as well as the life skills, for survival.Largely, the cost of higher education is too high because of diversereasons such as lack of a standard fee structure, unsubsidizededucation, and misuse of public funds and therefore, action should betaken to make college education more affordable.

Thecost of higher education is high because most institutions of higherlearning have internal fees structures. Also, colleges anduniversities have shifted their attention from developing strategiesthat can make education more affordable to becoming profit-orientedorganizations. Besides, most colleges have over-employed individualsin various faculties due to nepotism. In this regard, they have toovercharge students to get enough money to pay salaries thus killingthe dreams of many teenagers who have always desired to experiencethe university education. More than seventy-six percent of the moneyspent by learners on fees goes to recurrent expenditure like salarypayments.

Furthermore,government funds are not allocated appropriately. More than sixtypercent of government revenue goes to recurrent expenditure insteadof being directed to development spending like boosting human capitalresources through subsidizing the tertiary education. Also, some ofthe government money is misappropriated through embezzlement. Sincethere is no cash and if any, it is in small amounts, that ischanneled to subsidize the expenses incurred by colleges anduniversities, these institutions are forced to charge high fees. As aresult, education becomes expensive.

Governmentofficials in the ministry of education argue that higher education isnot expensive, and it is affordable to many students even those froma poor background. The officials maintain that college education canbe achieved by average students since there are many opportunitiesfor students to work while still studying. Also, the state arguesthat university education cannot be subsidized since this will makethe institutions lose their freedom, independence, and the spirit ofdemocracy. Besides, there is an argument from the stakeholders thatscholarships are readily available to the talented but needystudents. Moreover, the learners can take a loan from financialinstitutions to finance their education. However, even with all thesepossibilities, the cost of higher education remains to be high.First, it is almost impossible to secure a part-time job that cancover the high tuition fees, especially in private institutions ofhigher learning. Secondly, those learners who are lucky to getscholarships, in most cases the scholarships do not cover the entirefee required for training. This implies that the students will haveto work hard to subsidize the scholarships. Banks are also taking theadvantage to charge high-interest rates on desperate students whowant to take an educational loan. Nevertheless, most scholars areunable to get a loan due to the requirements like guarantors andsecurities requested by the banks.

Tosum up, higher education is too expensive, and government through theministry concerned should come up with policies such as a standardizefees structure for all public colleges, use state funds appropriatelyto get money to subsidize higher education, and give fullscholarships to the bright and needy students. If this isimplemented, more youths will get access to higher education and inturn, poverty will reduce.

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