The Art of Public Speaking

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TheArt of Public Speaking

TheArt of Public Speaking

Publicspeaking is a significant means of civic engagement in which peopleexpress their ideas. Through speeches, individuals can make impactson important issues in the society. Expressing thoughts in differentforums is considered as a tool of empowerment. However, given theimportance of public speaking, there are concerns that need to beaddressed to give a good speech effectively on any given platform(Lucas,2015).

First,being nervous is considered normal for novice speakers. Stage frightis when an individual daunts at the idea of standing before a groupof people to make a speech. For public communicators, the mosteffective way to deal with anxiety is trying to transform this forceto positive nervousness. According to Lucas(2015),people should not think themselves as having stage fright, rather,they should think of it as platform enthusiasm. Additionally, headvises that adequate preparation is the key to gaining confidence.

Plausiblespeakers must also have the ability to analyze their audience. Thishelps in identifying the main objectives of a speech that triggersthe desired response from the listeners (Lucas,2015).The best way to achieve this is to discern what the listeners areinterested in and their level of understanding. An audience will mostlikely respond to speech if they are acquainted with what is beingdelivered.

Whenmaking a speech, there arises the question of ethics. Speakers shouldorient themselves with the values and composition of the audience.According to Lucas (2015), the tendency helps in developing a speechthat does not intimidate some members of the audience or statingclaims that are contrary to their beliefs. In addition, communicatorsstick to the standard ethical considerations, especially duringimpromptu speeches.


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