The Analysis of Ride Along 2

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The Analysis of Ride Along 2

Ride Along 2 is an action comedy of 2016 starring Kevin Hartand Ice Cube. The film, which was released in May 2016, was a big hitowing to the fact that Ride Along 1 had been a major successas well. Most people were yearning for the second Ride Along afterthe first one turned to cause nostalgia in the viewers. Just likemany other films since the introduction of film, Ride Along 2comes with themes, symbolism, and topics. All these viewpoints werecarefully fashioned to come up with a film that was entertaining andcaptivating in equal measure. Its ratings on box office were proofenough of how popular the movie was in the world. The analysis hereinlinks the topics, symbolism, and themes discussed in class to theevents of the movie.

Theme of Graphic Violence and Depictions of women

Ride Along 2 is a comedy and action film split in the middle.The action part shows scenes of graphic violence that are synonymouswith today’s world. When the two stars find out that theirsuspected drug was shipping in drugs at the docks, they head thereand a shooting ensues. Kevin Hart is nearly killed, but lucky forhim, he has a bulletproof vest on ( 2). There are a lotof incidents of bombing at the docks making the scene look like abombing square in the war films. The theme is relevant for this filmbecause it portrays the nature of risks that police officers goesthrough in order to make the streets safe for all.

Women in this film are depicted as modern and sexually liberated. Inwhat the lead character refers to as ‘The nasty’, James’ fiancéis not shying away from getting naughty in the bedroom.Traditionally, women are perceived as shy when it comes to suchmatters but this film tries to defeat that stereotype by portrayingthe modern woman as someone who is not ashamed of her sexuality(Chapter 3 53). Women are also depicted as good at jobs that weretraditionally perceived manly. While in Miami, the lead charactersare walked around by a female police officer who operates at the rankof lieutenant. She is the mastermind of the entire operation and shehelps save the life of Kevin Hart when fighting the drug dealers atthe docks.

The Hollywood Topic

The Hollywood industry has been growing since it first started togain popularity in the 1930’s. According to Chapter 5 (95),Hollywood was referred to as the dream factory because of the lavishlife that it accorded those who worked there. At the time of thegreat depression, many American industries were collapsing butHollywood helped keep the country alive. Since then, the industry hasgrown to be among the highest revenue-generating and the mostglamorous in the USA.

Ride Along 2 exemplifies the glamour that is associated withHollywood. According to McClintock (3), making the movie cost theproduction company a whopping $40 million. However, during itspremiere that hosted a wide range of A-list celebrities, the moviewas able to generate $4 Million. Within the next two weeks of itslaunch, the movie had featured in almost 1, 450 theatres. Due to itsmassive success, the movie had already generated $60 million onemonth after its premiere. The figures in the launch of the film showhow big the Hollywood industry is. The actors earn big salaries andthe production companies rake in millions of dollars in profits. Anindustry that started out in the interwar period has turned out to beone of the most profitable in the USA. Even then, some critics arguethat films in the USA are overpriced hence exploiting the loyalty ofthe average American film lover.

Symbolism in the Film

The film symbolizes numerous aspects that take place in the modernsociety (Clover 3). Among the most prevalent, is rogue leaderselected by the public. The advent of democracy created a perceivedimportance of the electorate while in essence they are easilymanipulated to help the wrong leaders ascend to power.

In Ride Along 2, the flamboyant drug dealer has the mayor ofMiami in his pocket. Whenever he wants to ship in some drugs, he asksthe mayor to suspend all activities at the port during the entireperiod starting from when the ship docks until when the drugs areloaded onto transporting trucks. Only after the trucks have left doesthe mayor order the employees of the docks to resume their duties.However, it is not clear whether the mayor was just greedy for anextra coin or he was just afraid that the drug dealer would kill himthe same way he did to his predecessor.

Comparison with this Week’s Film

This week’s film, The Taxi Driver, compares to the film underanalysis on all the three points of analysis. The theme of graphicviolence and depictions of women is also prevalent in this particularfilm. Travis helps Jodi to murder her abusive husband. She ishelpless and therefore it takes the help of Travis and his violenceto free her from the snare of her abusive husband (Bright Light 1).

The depiction of women in this film is that they are weak creatureswho are subject to abuse by the relatively stronger males (Taubin 3).The woman, Jodi, is not strong enough to fight back her abusivehusband, or even think of leaving him. However, Jodi is lucky thatthere is a man, who is stronger than she is, that is willing to helpher out.

Just like Ride Along 2, The Taxi Driver was a Hollywoodsuccess in the USA. The production of the film cost $1.3 million, butthen it generated $28 Million in the USA alone. The premiere of thefilm was attended by notable personalities, something that has becometradition for most Hollywood films.

This film symbolizes the emotional trauma that was common on the warveterans who went back to the USA from Vietnam. The post-traumaticstress disorder that affected most of them, made them violent towardstheir wives and everybody else in the society.


Ride Along 2 is a 2016 action comedy starring Kevin Hart andIce Cube. Besides satire, the other prevalent theme is graphicviolence and depictions of women. Women in this film are depicted assexually liberated and prosperous in careers that were traditionallyperceived as manly. In contrast, The Taxi Driver depicts women asweak creatures who are susceptible to gender-based violence. Theformer symbolizes the corrupt leaders who ascend to power under thepretext of democracy while the latter symbolizes the posttraumaticeffects of the war in Vietnam veterans. Both films were a financialsuccess in Hollywood.

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