Thailand`s Role in the Vietnam War

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Thailand’sRole in the Vietnam War

Thailand’sRole in the Vietnam War

Thaiplayed an active role in the Vietnam War by providing Air as well asground bases support to the United States (Ruth, 2011). In SouthAsia, Thailand was one of the largest stations of the Forces of theUnited States. In fact, there were a total of seven air bases thatwere set by the United States between 1961 and 1975, all which wereplaced in strategic positions for the Vietnam War (Ruth, 2011). Inaddition, Thailand provided the United States with commandingofficers at every base as they had essential and vast geographicknowledge. They also provided the United States with air security andgroup of security officers for huge installations carried out inevery base. The officers were tasked with providing maintenanceservices thus, ensuring that the United States had enough andefficient personnel working in all bases (Ruth, 2011). It isimportant to note that more than eighty percent of air strikescarried out by the United States during Vietnam War, happened inthese bases.

Thai’sinvolvement during the war had significance impact to the viewsexpressed by the American people such as in the matters ofpartnership (Ruth, 2011). It is worth noting that the first treatysigned between United States and any Asian country happened withThailand in 1833. This treaty was commonly referred to as Treaty ofAmity and Commerce (Ruth, 2011). Its involvement and support duringthe war further strengthened the relationship with the United States.This was demonstrated through economic, political and militarysupport that the United States offered Thailand in the quest ofstopping the expansion of communism in Asia.

Therelationship did not change from the beginning of the war as theywere already partners as demonstrated in earlier treaties. Thailandhad many positive advantages to the United States during the VietnamWar such as its strategic geography. In addition, Thailand neededUnited States support in responding to communism threats that it wasreceiving during that period (Ruth, 2011).


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