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The data flowprocess is an input-output system in which information transmittedthrough the software, and then altered by dispensation elements. DFDis portrayed in a hierarchy style, whereby the initial data flowversion corresponds to the system as a whole(Anjaneyulu, n.d). Consequently, it filters thecontexts diagram, providing improved detail with every subsequentstage. It consents to the software engineer in building up a model ofdata and functional domain at an equivalent occasion. While the DFDis advanced into higher levels of details, the market analyst carriesout an implied technical breakdown of the system. At the same period,the system’s modification results in an equivalent alteration ofthe information as it progresses throughout the procedure thatpersonifies the application.

A mobile-based dataflow process comprises an implicit drive-through ordering system andapproach in a downloadable portable appliance, employed incombination with a wireless set of connections of a restaurant.Likewise, the wireless network is used in conjunction with Bluetoothof the area links, as well as a record back-end server at the café.Practically, the consumer connects the downloaded mobile-based demandand, when within the restaurant`s Wi-Fi, places an order for the billof fare, which is revealed on the gadget(Dearman, &amp Fisher, 2005). As the customer drawsnear to the drive-through window of the restaurant, the deviceperceives the indicator from the Bluetooth bringer, thus permittingthe user to present his or her order through the mobile-basedapplication. The order is then conveyed through the kiosk`s set ofconnections to the back-end server and is instantly accessible forkitchen and teller processing. More quintessence allows for orderingfrom a secluded site and generating a QR code and not the bid number.

Advantagesand Benefits of the Data Flow Process

  • It is helpful in communicating with users, thus making the work effortless and fast.

  • It assists in recounting the restrictions of the systems.

  • It is easy to execute and recognize.

  • It is used as the branch of file system documentation

  • It backs up the logic behind the data flow in the range of the structure.

  • The data flow process is easy to understanding for technological and nontechnical audience.

  • It can also be used as an apparatus in interviews

  • The DFD displays information services that the consumer requires

The data flow system assists in recognizing existing businessprocedures. Apparently, it needs the right talent to build up thesystem. First, one must have at least basic knowledge in technologymanagement as well as software development (Generis, n.d). Second,one has to be familiar with web developing, data entries, and visualstructural design. Business management is also critical since it willoffer skills and knowledge of creating menus and pricing products.Significantly, one should have analytic and management skills. Havingbasic knowledge on the Internet is also essential.

Listsof technology and process skills

  • Modeling improvement and techniques

  • Performance and repair strategies

  • Acquire skills on how to use Project management software

  • One should be competent in utilizing and analyzing visual and Oracle design tools

  • Software development

  • Competency in computer structure engineering

  • Obtain talent on how to exploit essential diagram idioms

  • One must identify with system development life cycle

  • Be an expert in processing, record management, as well as evaluation of support system.


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