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Ihave come to understand that three students seem to be off-task withwhat is expected from them in the classroom. You earlier commentedthat I need to improve my classroom management. I am working on thatadjustment. The following is a detailed plan that I want to enact,which, will resolve the issues within my classroom.

Iplan to involve the entire classroom in the creation of specificcodes of conduct that every student must adhere to while in theclass. Through the participation of the students in the preparationof these rules, I expect them to respect them more and stick by thesame rules. Obviously, the student may list more rules than isnecessary (Levin &amp Nolan, 2013). Therefore, it will be up to meto sift through the same guidelines and select the most viable.

Thenext option will be to inform the students about the consequences andpunishments that arise once an individual breaks any of theregulations. Each pupil will have to understand that these rules mustbe followed with or without my supervision. The step will instillself-discipline among the students (Levin &amp Nolan, 2013).

Whenit comes to the teaching of the course content, I will be carefulwhen explaining every point. The habit will assist the weaker pupilswho find it hard to grasp some concepts (Levin &amp Nolan, 2013). Iwill also provide opportunities for the students to ask questions onany topic they have not understood. Regular feedback based on theperformance of the pupils is another habit that I plan to introduce(Levin &amp Nolan, 2013).

Iwill deal with the off-task students on a more personal level. I haveto find the reason as to why they are acting out in class. By gettingto know their issues, I will be able to instill behavioral changeamong them through guidance and counseling (Levin &amp Nolan, 2013).


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