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WickerPark Survey

of the Wicker Park Survey

WickerPark, a neighborhood in West Town community has initiatives andprograms to indicate that the condition of public health in the area,is commendable. Foremost, the area is very safe due to the securitystrategies adopted by the police. Sophisticated technologies to fightcrime are installed in the most areas, for instance, State-of–the-art cameras that monitor crime. Due to such to suchinitiatives the crime rates have substantially declined.

Reducingenvironmental footprint is another core activity implemented atWicker Park region. The Alderman Moreno, is actively involved infinding techniques to lessen human activities that impact on theecology. A case in point is the Building Green program, devised withthe objective of improving and safeguarding the environment. Theprogram involved recycling of waste, placing recycle bins instrategic areas of the ward where they are cleaned and put directlyinto blue carts and collected after two weeks. Under the managementof Alderman Moreno, the community is one of the mostenvironmentally-friendly, wards in the city of Chicago. In addition,in order to support the retention of ground water and reduce runoffinto the sewers and streets, the department constructed a greenalley. The built system would allow rainwater to percolate slowlythrough the pavement, therefore, reducing the level of runoff thatarises from storm water. The expansion of parks is another centralarea of focus for the Alderman. The extensions guarantee more spacefor activities such as recreations for adults and children.

The 1st Ward office and residents have partnered to work togetherwith students and teachers in various schools, with the goal ofdeliberating on sustainability issues. The program aims at educatingschools on approaches of safeguarding the environment such aslowering energy consumption, recycling and the use of alternativemodes of transport.

AldermanMoreno also strives to ensure that the community is not only safe butalso, developed economically. Subjects related to development rangefrom the disposal of garbage, reduction of noise pollution as well aswider topics of historical preservation and traffic congestion.Stringent regulations are also enforced to ensure that the communityis safe. For instance, construction crews cannot use heavy equipmentbefore 8 a.m. All operations must end by eight p.m.&nbsp&nbspCrewsmust also “wet saw” any masonry work to reduce the amount of dustand other particulates produced in the air. The removal of garbage isthe responsibility of the developer. It is imperative for sites tohave private dumpsters and trash removal haulers. The ward managementalso prohibits the disposing of waste from construction projects intocity garbage carts. Furthermore, all construction sites must be kepttidy and clean of debris.

Inconclusion, it is evident that the Wicker Parker area does notdisplay evidence of community decay. Information is deliveredproactively to the public through various channels such as The 2016WPB Neighborhood Guide and also by a PR firm, known as The SilvermanGroup. In addition, when one takes a critical look at the area, thereis no evidence of abandoned cars or visible trash in the street.Also, there are no traces of abandoned houses, businesses, andunfinished structures. The area has limited aspects that encourage ahealthy community. People are actively involved in exercising throughbiking, running and walking, the area has walkable schools, parks,restaurants, stores and health centers, the streets are comfortablebecause the sidewalks are connected and walkable. Community health inthe area is exceptional.


TheWicker Park Survey. (2016).


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Michelangelodi Lodovico, born in 1475, was an Italian painter, sculptor,architect, and a poet. He was a greatest artist during his lifetimeand of all the time. Several of his works include sculpture,architecture, and painting that rank among the most famous in record.Some of his works include Madonna and child, male figure, figurecompositions, Sistine Chapel ceiling, among others. By the age ofthirty, he had sculpted Pieta and David, two of his best-known works.He also created the last judgment and the Sistine Chapel, the twoinfluential frescoes in the western art history. Further,Michelangelo founded mannerist style of the Laurentian Library. Dueto his good work, he received commissions from powerful and wealthypeople of his time (Salama,2016).For instance, popes and other catholic followers commission him topaint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Further, his remarkable workespecially the Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings, David sculpture, andPieta sculpture have been carefully preserved for the futuregeneration to view and appreciate his extraordinary talent.

Leonardoda Vinci, born in 1452, is an Italian artist, draftsman, architect,sculptor, and a painter. Mona Lisa and the Last Supper are some ofhis work. Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait of a woman, LisaGheradini, Francesco del Giocondo wife. It has been acclaimed as themost famous, the most written about, the most visited, the most sungabout, and the most parodied work of art worldwide. The painting isbelieved to have been painted between 1503 and 1506, though Leonardocontinued to work on it until 1517. Later, King Francis I of Franceacquired it as French Republic property. It remains a pilgrimageobject of the 21stcentury and it currently hangs in the Louvre Museum in Paris. TheLast Supper painting depicts Jesus’ last supper with his disciplesaccording to the gospel of John. It is the most famous and the mostreproduced religious painting of the record. It depicted the anxietyamong the twelve disciples when they heard that one of them wouldbetray Jesus. They all had different reactions with various degreesof shock and anger to the news. Further, the painting consists ofother reference of number three that present the Holy Trinityaccording to Christians. Behind Jesus, there are three windows, thedisciples are seated in groups of three, and Jesus figure resemble atriangle.

RaffaelloSanzio da Urbino was an Italian architect and a painter of highrenaissance. Born in 1483, many people admired his work for is easeof composition, clarity, ability to convey grandeur, perfection,beauty, and visual achievement. Some of his work includes the Madonnaof the Goldfinch, School of Athens, the Parnassus, the Disputa, andthe Raphael Rooms. Similar to Leonardo and Michelangelo, his workalso forms the traditional trinity among the popular artist of histime (Salama,2016).By the age of seventeen, Raphael had gained high esteem, as well asreceived substantial commission like the Mond de Crucifixion.Besides, Pope Julius II invited him to Rome where he asked him topaint some Vatican rooms. Although the Sistine Chapel overshadowedhis work, his painting remains among the finest European art. Besidesbeen a great painter, Raphael was a prominent teacher. He owned anart, The School of Athens, that had over fifty students, that laterbecome a famous art place.


Salama,A. M. (2016).&nbspSpatialdesign education: New directions for pedagogy in architecture andbeyond.Routledge.

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