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Speaker Notes

Giventhat this paper presents an analysis of subculture, it is imperativethat one understands the meaning of culture. Culture has been definedas beliefs and behaviors that are generally shared by a social groupor society. Based on this definition, a subculture can be defined asa social, ethnic or social group smaller within a culture with acharacteristic pattern of behavior that is capable of distinguishingthem from others within a society or from a group of people embracinga particular kind of culture. Another important definition that issignificant to this research is counterculture. Therefore,counterculture has been defined as a culture and lifestyle of people,in particular among the young people with a characteristic ofopposing the dormant values and behaviors of society. The principalpurpose of undertaking this study was to analyze a subculture and theaspects of the society as well as the types of subculture andcounterculture within the society. The study focused on theinfluences that the society has on people`s attitudes and behavior aswell as the interactions between the people that shape society. Anumber of studies were reviewed and conclusions made. From thereview, it was evident that the cultural differences between thesocieties in the world and the results had revealed that there werevariations of peoples’ belief from one society to another. Thecontemporary culture also known as postmodern belief expresses a highculture of modernity that is experimental and seeks new originalliterature, music, and art that appeals to the sophisticatedaudience. According to a number of studies, cultural differences hadbeen assessed using different methods, which included ethnocentrismand cultural relativism among others. In the methodology, the studyinvolved the application of consensus analysis to identify thesystematic differences within a subculture. The results showed thatsubcultures were also associated mostly with the working and notmiddle-class people in the society. The paper concluded thatorganizational subculture involved community members havingsolidarity, and social relationship, which influenced individualbehaviors. The paper recommended that future studies include a focuson the subcultural relationship between the various aspects of musicand dressing styles between the youths, as opposed to culturalmainstream.

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