Stress Management

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Nursingstudents face numerous kinds of stress arising from academic,interpersonal, social, and clinical areas. Therefore, learning shouldinclude efficient strategies that promote problem solving whileenhancing the learning process. Nursing educators need to come upwith innovative blended teaching models that incorporate e-learningwith traditional classroom lectures.

Iagree with the author that Stress interferes with time management andlearning process because the mind is often occupied with theoverwhelming tasks yet to be completed. As a result, nurses mustdevelop resistance to stress as a means of overcoming stress throughphysical exercise, relaxation, and diaphragmatic breathing. Healthypractices like regular exercise, balanced diet, and sufficient restprovide quick remedies to stress (DeNisco &ampBarker, 2013). Nursesmust learn to take care of their bodies by not working and thinkingbeyond limit. Workload is one of the leading causes of stress amongnursing students and educators must hand out too much assignment thatoverwhelms the learner’s minds. The author has mentionedmindfulness, which I believe, is one of the greatest stressmanagement therapy (Ratanasiripong, Park, Ratanasiripong, &ampKathale, 2015). Worrying about the past, future or unfinished workdoes not solve the problem at hand. Students should engage inmindfulness meditation that enables one to focus on the present whileobstructing destructive feelings and thoughts.

Ithink the author did not explore other stress relieving andprevention methods. Students must learn to set realistic goals toprevent disillusionment. Change in perception of stress is beneficialwhere instead of worrying over uncompleted tasks of failedexaminations, think of how you can work hard to achieve success(DeNisco &ampBarker, 2013). In addition, optimism is a good remedyfor stress where students become affirmative and optimistic onunaccomplished goals by acknowledging it is typical to experiencesuccess and setbacks in life.


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