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Historyof Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Thefirm, which opened its first outlet in Seattle in 1971, is best knownfor its coffee products distributed in over 23,500 stores spread allover the world (Starbucks 2016). The US leads in the number of storesfollowed in a distant second by China. The Starbucks brand is mainlyassociated with coffee though it also deals with a variety ofbeverages and products including coffee makers, drinkware, gifts, teaproducts, sauces, and pastries among others.

Reasonsfor Choosing Starbucks

The company`s business model has excelled in different countries. Ithas continued to grow its number of outlets and diversify itsproducts range in the face of increasing competition. The businessmodel has also allowed the firm to price its products at a premiumleading to relatively bigger profit margins. Furthermore, itsmarketing approach has also managed to turn coffee consumption into alifestyle and fashion issue as opposed to just being a hot beverage.The firm’s outlets are well designed and branded to advance coffeedrinking into a way of life. Thus, the company makes a perfectexample of a well-managed business that students in hospitality,marketing, management, and even branding can learn from and evenemulate.

ExpectedLearning Outcomes

One of the key success factors for Starbucks is customer service.Besides its product offering, customer service at Starbucks hasmarketed the brand well. This works in how customer concerns andqueries are handled whether in person, via social media or bytelephone. Thus, through this project, I hope to learn whatstrategies that Starbucks has employed that keeps customers returningthere and even consuming their products on site to enjoy addedservices.


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