Starbucks and Social Media Use

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Starbucksand Social Media Use

Starbucksand Social Media Use

Starbucksis a global coffee chain business whose website and Facebook page arevisited by millions of customers from around the world. The firm’swebsite contains all the company’s social media pages throughwhich, it utilizes in engaging the online community. The firm’sFacebook page contains over thirty five million ‘likes’, makingit a superior company in customer management (Starbucks, 2016).Through this page, the company normally makes interactions with thecustomers, as well as giving regular product updates. StarbucksCompany responds promptly to any criticism at the same time welcomingall positive feedback from its customers on the same web page.Moreover, the company highlights customer’s satisfaction bymonitoring the number of ‘likes’ recorded about posts with newproducts or innovations.

Inaddition, the Facebook page is utilized by the company in addressingcustomer’s concerns or complaints. For instance, the companyintroduced nine different ways of enjoying cold coffee which is apopular current drink. However, on July 5, 2016 a customer launched acomplaint on the page saying that he misses that product on moststores that he visits by noon (Starbucks, 2016). The complaintindicated that the Starbuck stores were not keen in making enoughproducts that were meeting the upsurge in demand. The companyresponded the following day, July 6, 2016 and promised the customerthat it was going to handle that situation (Starbucks, 2016). Thisresponse, received more than one ‘like’ suggesting that therewere more customers whose demands were not met.

IfI was in charge of customer service in a company, I would introducean integrated communication system that connects company’s socialmedia to a call centre. The integration would improve customer’scommunications through an informed response from the customer serviceattendants. In addition, I would hire specific social media expertsto respond to customer complaints. The officers would also enhancecustomer service by establishing real relationships with customers onthe social media platforms. This strategy will ensure that customerloyalty is improved in the long run by responding to customerspromptly.


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