Social Media Reflection Paper

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SocialMedia Reflection Paper

SocialMedia Reflection Paper

Thesocial media is a phenomenon that I cannot get out from based on theway it impacts on my life. Despite being careful about privacy asexplained by Hartzogand Selinger,I admit that the social media has been a significant influence on myfree time. One of the ways is getting to know the news and the trendsthat are coming up in the world. Whenever I like to know the news, Iquickly login to my social pages and browse through to see what themajor news channels in the world have posted.

Theprimary take-away of my social media use is the impact it has on mylearning. The social media has improved my learniang skills. Thisimpact is significant because I get to share with my friends aboutclass work and schedules. More importantly, I also get to share thecourse materials with my friends through the social media. At onetime, I received links to books and educative websites through socialmedia messaging. However, it was important to explore how my socialmedia trends are aligned, especially with a better understanding ofits use from the course learning.

Tounderstand the impact that the social media has on my life, Iundertook the course project of creating an activity log. From theactivity log, I realized an interesting observation that I spent moretime on social media chatting than I had originally through. In mostcases, passive social media users use it to learn things and receiveinformation from the social networks, and not to communicate. I hadthought to be a passive user, but the log showed that I had atendency to chat more than just browising. I could not have realizedthis if it was not for the social media log project.

Moreimportantly, the activity log illustrates to me that the concepts ofthe social media use are applicable in my real-life use of the socialmedia. This is illustrated by the way I used the social media overthe period of the activity log. One significant view I got is that Iwas active on social media. And I was active both in sending andreceiving information and messages. I knew I use social media to gaininformation, but I had not thought that I use it more to sendmessages as much as I recorded on the log.

Ialso found out that I used the social media for some activities thatRotman et al calls Slacktivism. At four instances, I posted somepictures on the social media. These pictures were not intended tocause any active following but were for the same of showing what Iwas doing at the time. More importantly, these pictures were inspiredby the element of fun in the social media. Therefore, the use ofsocial media in the log shows my tendency to connect with the worldand share my experiences.

Moreover,I expressed my feelings in some instances, though not as active asmany people are. I am not so regular in posting status updates, but Ido on few occasions. This makes my profile active and avoid beingpassive. On July 29thand July 30th,I posted my status on my social media page. On 30th,I posted a status that I thought was more interesting than the one Iposted a day earlier. This interestingly shows that I have a tendencyto engage in social media on continuous basis. Meaning, I may tend tobe more active on social media on a day, if I was active the previousday.

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