Social Injustice

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Fromthe video, Bryan indicates that there is power in identity. Accordingto the narrator, the system of the country has a tendency of treatinga person in a better way when he/she is wealthy and guilty comparedto when an individual is poor and innocent. Wealth instead ofculpability has shaped the outcome of the system. This implies thatin case one is disadvantaged, he/she is not treated well in society.The narrator argues that there is social injustice in the countrybecause the poor are mistreated. The idea is raised further, where hequestions whether people need to die for the crimes that they commit.Also, he claims that innovations and technological advancement willnot have a significant impact if the poor in the society are nothelped. According to Bryan, there is a need for people to have theaspect of hope since it would assist them in realizing theiridentity.

Asa social worker, there is a need to be brave so as to be in aposition to handle the challenges that individuals encounter. Thecore values that can be captured from the video include socialjustice and service. Social workers should be agents of social changeso as to help the vulnerable and oppressed people get justice.Alternatively, social workers should serve individuals in needthrough volunteering to solve social problems.

Thetalk is very relevant in guiding a social worker. For instance, itoffers an intuition for providing service to the vulnerable groupssuch as the needy. The act of volunteering to offer assistance comesout clearly through the actions of the narrator. A critical lessonthat the talk presents is how people can prevent social injustices.

Iplan to make a difference in the field through using the core valuesfrom NASW to act as the guiding principles in serving others. Forinstance, through volunteering, integrity, and competence, I would bein a position to offer services that would help in making adifference.

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