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Sociologyis the study of human behavior especially in regards to organization,the development of the society and institutions. In order tounderstand human behavior, sociologists conduct their own research. Aresearch is a collection of ideas and peoples’ opinion about aparticular subject. There are several steps involved in conducting aresearch. In the scientific method, where theories are developed andtested, six steps are usually involved. The first step involvesasking a question. This involves asking the why in a research and itis the most important part of the research as it helps the researchernarrow down the research subject. The second step involves conductinga literature review or delving on the subject of the research fromprior written sources. The third step involves formulating ahypothesis. This is where the researcher comes up with an assumptionabout the study and then carries out the study in order to eitherrefute or support the assumption made. The fourth step involvesdesigning and conducting the study itself where the researcherdetermines the best method for collecting data depending on thesubject being researched. The researcher then makes an analysis ofthe research by drawing conclusions and finally, a report of thestudy is made.

Themost important step in research is definitely the first step inconducting a research. In this case, the subject of research isbullying. In order to research and analyze bullying, a researcherneeds to ask why does bullying take place? According to Coloroso, inorder to analyze genocide, one needs to ask themselves what is theworst crime human beings can commit against each other. However,since the subject is about bullying the research question would bewhat would be the worst thing children at school could do to eachother.

InBarbara’s Coloroso TED’s talk address in Calgary, she talks aboutthree conditions that have to exist for genocide to take place.First, there is the issue of not questioning the authority. Themasses always tend to follow the crowd and never ask questions suchas why are we doing this? The second condition involves theroutinization of cruelty this is where the imaginable violencebecomes perceived and finally becomes real. Finally, there is thede-humanization of human beings. At this stage, the targets ofgenocide are not viewed as humans but are referred to as it [ CITATION Col14 l 1033 ].It in this case, it can be a vermin during the holocaust or acockroach in Rwanda where more than a one million Rwandese wereslaughtered in a hundred days. Bullying does not take place in avacuum,and for it to thrive there must be players in the picture. Bulliesusually are the perpetrators of crime and they usually narrow downtheir target because they dislike a certain aspect about them. Thetarget could be just different say, hail from a different race, smelldifferent and so on. The bully is just one player in the picture butthere are usually many players such as the passive on lookers, andother players who would like to conform or fit in with the rest ofthe group. The formation of organizations in institutions is probablyone of the biggest risks to group thinking as most of the groupmembers wish to fit in the group so that they do not stand out andget singled out by the other group members. It only takes one personto say no but unfortunately this never happens in most bullyingcases.


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