Should federal assistance programs be available to all disaster victims regardless of their income or net worth?

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Shouldfederal assistance programs be available to all disaster victimsregardless of their income or net worth?

Thefederal assistance programs should be availed to all disaster victimsregardless of their income or net worth. These programs includemitigation, preparedness, response and recovery programs that seek tomitigate emergency situations in case of disaster. When disastersarise they not only affect people with low income, in many cases thegeneral population is affected by the occurrences. The limiting ofthe programs will affect operations especially on the organizationsresponsible for offering the assistance. The federal aid programs areinclusive in nature (Federal Emergency Management Agency np). Thismeans that the people employed on delivering the programs come fromdiverse backgrounds. When one looks at the composition of medics andfirefighters, the personnel are from low and high-income backgrounds.It would complicate their ability to offer their services todisaster-stricken persons. The choice of availing the programs tovictims should thus be neutral where everyone can access them atequal rates and means (Fema np).

Shouldpreparedness activities be funded by the Office for DomesticPreparedness before all hazards?

Preparednessentails the readiness to respond to a disaster, crisis or anyemergency phenomenon. An efficient management of a disaster startswith being prepared. It is the building block of emergencymanagement. For a successful response and recovery functions in caseof urgency, preparation has to be undertaken. Personnel and equipmentshould be trained and ready respectively (Scardaville np). Thefunding of preparedness activities by the Office of DomesticPreparedness (ODP) before all hazards ensures the improvement ofnational capabilities. The funds can be tracked easily because theCongress would mandate the ODP to report their expenditures anddistributions towards each state (Scardaville np). The ODP is closeto the citizens and matters concerning disasters can be acquired ontime through the established channels. The fund for preparednessactivities adopts takes into account risk, population, andvulnerability (Scardaville np).


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