Shaping the U.S Global Health Policy Agenda

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Shapingthe U.S Global Health Policy Agenda

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Afterreading the article shaping the U.S Global Health Policy Agenda, itis vital to understand the role that the United States of Americaplay in the health of people around the world. Many countries areunable to deal with some of the diseases that attack them often. Forinstance, the Ebola virus in West Africa was a calamity until the U.Sintervened. The efforts of the United States in such situations iscrucial to the low and middle-income countries that cannot afford themedication for those drugs. As the U.S intervenes in such cases, itis evident that the economies of such countries are boosted, and thisleads to the ultimate growth of the country (Parkhurst,et al. 2013).Therefore, there is a great need for various countries to have theirmodern labs for them to deal with any disease that attacks them.

Aidsfrom the U.S are crucial to the low-income countries since it helpsthem to deal with diseases that will show up in future. Typically,the U.S has played a critical role in the management of variousnon-communicable diseases, for example, HIV and Ebola in differentcountries. In the process, they leave those countries in a betterstate both economically and health wise.


Parkhurst,J. O., &amp Vulimiri, M. (2013). Cervical cancer and the globalhealth agenda: insights from multiple policy-analysisframeworks.&nbspGlobalpublic health,&nbsp8(10),1093-1108.

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Lately,there has been an increase in the number of communicable diseasesaround the world. Some of them include HIV/AIDS and the Ebolaoutbreak. These diseases make it hard for the U.S to guarantee thehealth of its citizens and other people around the world (Jamison,et al. 2013).Therefore, it is the responsibility of the United States to evaluatethe situation and set the priorities right regarding offering help toother countries and maintaining the health status of their citizens.


Jamison,D. T., Summers, L. H., Alleyne, G., Arrow, K. J., Berkley, S.,Binagwaho, A., &amp Ghosh, G. (2013). Global health 2035: a worldconverging within a generation.&nbspTheLancet,&nbsp382(9908),1898-1955.

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