Servant Leadership in Southwest Airlines

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ServantLeadership in Southwest Airlines


Theexceptional customer service delivery at Southwest Airlines isattributable to the care and affection that exists within thecompany. Colleen Barrett contends that the quality of externalcustomer service is highly dependent on the internal atmosphere in acompany. Southwest Airlines maintains an environment of mutualrespect and love. The company focuses on servant heart, warriorspirit, and a fun-loving character when recruiting staff. Simply put,Barrett says that her company hunts for attitude, and, later, equipsemployees with skills.

Barrettasserts that one should be driven by the desire to serve beforeaspiring to lead. There is a difference between the individuals thatseek to help first and those determined to become leaders beforeunderstanding the essence of serving. Persons interested in helpingfocus on ensuring that the priority needs of clients are catered towhile individuals interested in becoming leaders concentrate on thecommercial aspects of business. The most appropriate managementstyle, according to Barrett, encompasses aspects such as the growthof the persons being served, the health impacts of the leadershipapproach on workers and clients, and the autonomy of employees.

Theprimary aim of the field of psychology is to develop a betterappreciation of groups of people and the particular individuals thatpopulate these clusters (Greasley &amp Bocârnea, 2014, p. 13). Iintend to apply servant leadership in my area of expertise,psychology, by seeking ways of gaining an in-depth insight into themental processes and behaviors of individuals. This approach willhelp me to develop better treatment options for my patients.

TheChristian Worldview of the Grand Canyon University emphasizes theimportance of human dignity, values, academic disciplines, vocation,and ethical decision-making. This assertion resonates with servantleadership since it highlights the essence of serving others beforefocusing on personal needs and desires.


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