Samsung 4K SHUD Analysis

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Samsung4K SHUD Analysis

Table of Contents

Section 1: Cultural and Value Analysis 3

Sub section A. The Two Adverts 3

Sub section 1: Analysis 3

Subsection 2: Core values most relevant to the purchase 5

Whether These Values encourage ownership 5

Whether these Values are moving upward or downwards 6

3. Print Advertisement for Samsung 4K SHUD 6

Symbols to be used in the advertisement 7

Section 2 Subculture and Social Class Analysis 7

Multi-cultural marketing strategies to be Used for different racio-ethnic subcultures 7

Two Other Subcultures 8

Significance of Social Class to marketers 9

Section 3: Analysis of Reference Groups and Family 10

Section 4: Analysis of Consumer Influences and the Diffusion of Innovation 11

Why Opinion Leaders Are More Powerful Than Advertisements 11

Circumstances when information from advertisements is likely to be more influential than word of mouth 12

Section 5 Virtual Communities 12

How are these virtual communities shaking up the ways businesses are operating 13

Recommendations for a Promotional Campaign 14

Developing an Online Targeted Sales activities that support the brand 14

Section1: Cultural and Value Analysis

Historically,marketers in the TV industry have largely focused on differentialappeals such as particular technologies being better thancompetition, emotional appeals to desires, abstract qualities,pricing, and class. Researchers have shown that TV product consumersattach greater importance to emotional and relationship benefitsmentioned in advertisement. However, consumers have equally beenobserved to be sensitive to the existing economic conditions,innovations, and the ultimate watching experience. An increasingnumber of researchers are documenting the importance of culturalvalues in advertising. By definition, culture constitutes of sharedelements that provide the standards for perceiving, believing,evaluating, communicating, and acting among those who share alanguage, a historical period, an a geographic location. As apsychological construct, marketers exploit the concept of culture atmultiple levels: across nations, across individual within aparticular nation, and even within individuals through the prism ofcultural values. Regardless of how culture is applied, it is a widelydocumented fact in contemporary marketing literature that it has asignificant influence on the diffusion of an innovation. This sectionwill review various adverts to establish how cultural values haveplayed a role in Samsung 4K SHUD advertisement.

Subsection A. The Two Adverts

Forthis section, two adverts targeting different audiences were chose asfollows:

Subsection 1: Analysis


Thecontent of the two adverts is specially designed to capture theattention of the targeted audience. The content is not onlyinformative, but also organized in short memorable captions that arecreatively positioned and well aligned with the images to capture theattention of the targeted audience. Consequently, the contentprovides information that is pertinent to Samsung 4K SHUD that isrelative to other brands in the product category. Even when jargonsare used in the content, the audience can easily draw meaning fromthe flow of the content or the visual aid. Importantly, the contentis precise, factual, and backed by company data to reflectcredibility. In fact, the content alone without the visual aids isenough to convince the audience to purchase the product.


Theimages used in these adverts represent the best quality in terms ofclarity and relevance. The images a professionally captured,detailing every aspect that might be of interest to the targetedaudience. The simplicity with which the two adverts organize theirimages is outstanding. Simplicity is a critical factor in the successof an advert. The images are arranged in a manner that is simple forthe audience to follow, capturing every aspect of Samsung 4K SHUDthat the audience might be interested in. Consequently, the imagesare organized in a manner that tells the revolutionary story ofSamsung 4K SHUD. For example, the ad at a comparative approach in which various images from differentpicture quality technologies are compared to give the user a moredetailed view of what the 4K SHUD brings on the table. By comparingold versions of the company products with 4K SHUD, the advert is ableto convince the audience of the revolutionary nature of 4K SHUD.

Overall,the two adverts are informative, employ deep emphasis, and appeal toreason. Consequently, the adverts have been creatively presented,creating an emotional connection that is particularly important tofamily consumers. The message is effectively presented, precise, andthe images complement the content in memorable ways. However, it mustbe noted that the two adverts different in both content and imageuse. For example, less on the content and more on the quality and organizationof images. On the other hand, the content at deeper but supplemented by few images. Of course, thesedifferences might be as a result of disparities in the targetaudience however, more quality than

Subsection2: Core values most relevant to the purchase

Whenpurchasing a Samsung 4K SHUD, a customer will be major concernedabout the following values: quality, pricing, reliability,durability, and family values. The quality is core to the purchase ofSamsung 4K SHUD. Studies have shown that quality is the main factthat most consumers would be interested in when purchasing TVproducts. Reliability and durability are two other important factorsto consider when making purchase decisions. Some consumers of theSamsung 4K SHUD will also be concerned about the pricing of theproduct. The current economic condition has forced a large populationof consumers to be sensitive about their purchase behaviors. Anyproduct that is extravagantly expensive is often avoided by most ofthe contemporary consumers. Importantly, TV products that do notadvance the values of the family in contemporary societies do findthe appeal of most consumers today.

WhetherThese Values encourage ownership

Thevalues discussed above encourage ownership. This is because thesevalues reflect the main interests of a large population of Samsung 4KSHUD.

Whetherthese Values are moving upward or downwards

Thediscussed factors vary in their movement across the customerexpectation curve. Factors such as quality, reliability, anddurability are moving upward due to increase consumer purchasingpower in the industry. Yet a factor like price is moving downwards asconsumers continue to expect durable and top quality products at alower cost.

3.Print Advertisement for Samsung 4K SHUD

Howto use my knowledge on cultural values to develop an advertisingmessage

Culturaladvertising has dominated contemporary advertising industries.According to Rugimbana&amp Nwankwo (2003),cultures have ingrained coded messages that when used appropriatelycan have a significant impact on the sale of a product. In this case,I would use the existing cultural ideals to develop a message for mytargeted audience. For example, since my target audience is thefamily consumers, I would use values that related to the family tocreate messages that emotionally connect to the audience.

Symbolsto be used in the advertisement

Thereare numerous examples of symbols to be used when developing anadvertisement. In this case, I would use Gestures, Music, and imageryto portray the desired cultural values to my audience. For instance,gestures are important cultural signs. However, since the meaning ofdifferent gestures differs significantly across many populations ofthe world, the chosen gesture will be determined by the targetpopulation. Music too can be use dot connect to the targetpopulation. However, while many types of music have proven to be ableto travel, cultures tend to have their own rhythm. A people’s musicis inseparable from their lives, and songs represent an importantpart of their identity. Choosing the right songs for the right targetaudience will have a significant impact on the promotional campaign.Imageries are the pictures or metaphors that convey specific messagesin a culture. Their use in this case will be carefully chosen tofoster acceptance among the chosen population.

Section2 Subculture and Social Class Analysis

Multi-culturalmarketing strategies to be used for different racio-ethnicsubcultures

Accordingto Burrell (2015), multicultural marketing has become one of the mostsignificant marketing platforms for companies to expand theirproducts globally. Studies have shown that companies that are notsuccessful in creating a multicultural marketing strategy may fallinto high losses for business either through the misinterpretation ofmarketing messages, the loss of the brand image and the risk ofcustomer defection. To market Samsung 4K SHUD in a racio-ethnicsubcultures, the following strategies will be employed.

ForAsian consumers, quality is key: portraying messages that suggestquality and delivering products that are both durable and reliable isimportant for these consumers. The Asian consumers have beencharacterized as one of the most quality oriented clientele in theUnited States, with the a combination of the right cultural valuesmessages coupled with messages that depict durability, a largerpopulation of the Asian population will be inclined to buy Samsung 4KSHUD.

Forthe African American consumers, convenience has been cited as thekey. Messages that suggest convenience couple with quality andpricing targets can work well when targeting this group of consumers.However, it must be noted that the perception of convenience isincreasingly changing among the African American population. To theHispanic consumers, a personalized strategy is the best approach.Most marketers observe that having a single strategy for the Hispaniccommunity will work against the product. In both generational andcultural levels, the shopping patterns for Hispanic consumers havebeen seen to differ significantly. Thus developing a multifacetedmarking strategy for this population is the best approach topromoting a product among its audience.

TwoOther Subcultures

Themillennial subculture

Themillennia population have specific characteristics that that haveevolved into a subculture. The millennial generation is the largestpopulation in the United States. It is racially diverse, highlyeducated, and highly expected. The millennial generation calls for adifferent approach to marketing. This population is tech-savvy, mediaconnected and independent politically. As a group, developingadvertising strategies that capture the interest of this group canplay a critical role in promoting Samsung 4K SHUD. Advertising forthe millennial is equally ease as most of them are found in virtualcommunities.


TheMuslim population forms an important target population in the UnitedStates. Statistics show that the Muslim community form up to 25% ofthe consumer population in the United States contributing $632Billion globally. However, advertising for this subculture is complexbecause of the ingrained importance of religion to the community.Developing the right marketing mix for this population can give thepromotion of Samsung 4K SHUD. A competitive edge.

Significanceof Social Class to marketers

Datingback to the late 1940s, advertises and marketers have alternativelyflirted with Lloyd Warner’s social class concept. The Warnerianidea that six social classes constitute the basic division of theAmerican society has continued to influence marketing approaches todate (Kotler,Burton, Deans, Brown &amp Armstrong, 2013).The following reflect on how social class affects marketing ofdifferent products

  1. Product lines and styles

TheSamsung 4K SHUD is the top in a generation of Samsung SHUD TVgenerations. This product is designed for specifically the middleclass population but is equally stylish and flashy enough for theupper class. When marketing Samsung 4K SHUD, the social class willinfluence the marketing strategy and product mix employed.

  1. Advertising media selection

Thechoice of advertisement media to be used for the Samsung 4K SHUDmarketing will depend on the social class. However, the social classtargeted for the Samsung 4K SHUD has significant presence in both thetraditional and contemporary digital Medias. Both the traditional anddigital advertising channels can be used in the marketing of Samsung4K SHUD.

  1. Payment policy

Socialclass influences both the pricing and payment options available forthe purchase of the product. For Samsung 4K SHUD, the payment policyhas been designed to accommodate the two main classes targeted by thecompany.

Section3: Analysis of Reference Groups and Family

Referencegroups can be categorized in to two: direct and indirect referencegroups. Direct reference groups are face-to-face membership groupsthat touch people’s lives directly for example family members.Direct reference groups can be either primary or secondary. Primarymembership groups constitute of all the groups, which people interactregularly in an informal setting for example, friends, coworkers,family members, part buddies and so on. Secondary direct groups arepeople that an individual interact with in a formal way. Examples ofsecondary direct groups include, club members, religious groups, andprofessional groups.

Consumerscan equally be influenced by many indirect or non-membershipreference groups.

Section4: Analysis of Consumer Influences and the Diffusion of Innovation

Innovationsare considered to be the lifeblood of any business. However, it isnot always true that an innovation will be a success in themarketplace. When a new innovation is introduced in the market, itundergoes a life cycle. The innovation life cycle is usually directlylinked to the diffusion of the innovation (Gnambs&amp Batinic 2011).Diffusion of innovation refers to the framework for exploringconsumer acceptance of a new innovation. The term was firstpopularized by Rogers in 1962 in his Diffusion of innovation. In thisbook, Roger identified the key factors that affect the adoption ofproducts by consumers. Factors such as relative advantage overexisting alternative, perceived complexity particularly inunderstanding the innovation, compatibility with the exiting beliefsand behavior, and the observabilty of an innovation i.e. the degreeto which the benefits of a particular product are observable toothers- were identified as the key factors that affect the diffusionof innovation. In addition to traditional marketing methods, the useof opinion leaders has been very common among many marketers today(cited in Rogers,2003).Opinion leaders are widely used because of the impact they have hadin the introduction of new innovations in the market.

WhyOpinion Leaders Are More Powerful Than Advertisements

Inthe recent years, the use of opinion leaders to facilitate diffusionof innovation has increased in propensity among many companies. Thisis often informed by the fact that our purchase decisions are ofteninfluenced by a group of people or individuals Opinion leaders havemany advantages over the traditional marketing approaches (Rose&amp Kim, 2011).To begin with, opinion leaders posses special characteristics thatcannot be drawn from the traditional advertisement. For example, thesame confidence with which an opinion leader describes a productcoupled with the non-verbal cues associated with the explanationcannot be achieved with the traditional print media ads.Characteristically, opinion leaders are socially inclined,knowledgeable, and outspoken. These characteristics cannot be exudedin advertisements. Consequently, while advertisements offer bothinformation and advice to the audience, opinion leaders offer theirexperience about the product or services. Unlike advertisements,their talk is often related to what they have experienced when usingthe product or service. This offers a mores special way for theprospective consumers to connect with the promotional activity.Finally, the fact that opinion leaders are not directly associatedwith marketers gives them an advantage over actual adverts. In mostcases, marketers are known to be interested on profits and thereforeadverts are seen to advance that interest. Opinion leaders on theother hand are not seen this light and therefore have the advantageof trust.

Circumstanceswhen information from advertisements is likely to be more influentialthan word of mouth

Inmost cases, word of mouth is usually the most trusted mode ofadvertisement. However, there are times when word of mouth can beless effective than information form advertisements. For example, theinformation provided through word of mouth may not be sufficientenough to influence the buying decision of a prospective customer. Insuch a case, information from advertisements can be more reliable.

Section5 Virtual Communities

Virtualcommunities have dominated marketing strategies for many companiestoday. According to Leimeister &amp Krcmar (2004), most of thecompanies today have developed comprehensive strategies that focus onpromoting their product to virtual communities. At the very basic,virtual communities consist of web pages have different types ofcontents, and content deliver pages that are specifically designed toinform the public about a company product. These virtual communitywebsites have effectively designed survey products that give criticalinformation about the performance of the advertised products online.Rates from these communities offer companies with the ability toaggregate people with common traits and develop promotionalcampaigns. In addition to product promotional activities, companieshave an opportunity to offer support services through thiscommunities.

Howare these virtual communities shaking up the ways businesses areoperating?

Virtualcommunities are significantly changing how contemporary businessesoperate. The merits and possibilities associated with virtualcommunities have transformed the ways business interact with theirconsumers. Perhaps the most widely documented advantage of virtualcommunities is the promotion of sales. Participating intransaction-oriented communities for example has been noted byvarious researchers as one of the most effective ways of providingaccess to a broader audience to the company. In fact, the audiencethat most virtual communities offer cannot be compared to any otherchannel offered by any other form of traditional communication(Nisbit&amp Kotcher, 2009).With audience, the company can effectively develop promotionalstrategies that improve the reach of the product and thus positivelyimpact on the product sales.

Animportant recognition among the business community is the fact thatthese communities improve product support, loyalty and reduces thecost the business incurs. For example, when users exchange eachother’s opinion about a product, they not only help each other, butalso encourage other non-users to be interested on the same product.The ultimate result is that the business will be relieved some of theburdens that come with the traditional approaches to solving customerproblems. Of course, some costs will be born out of the activity ofsponsoring virtual communities, however, when a cost benefit analysisis conducted, it is health for a business to own and manage virtualcommunity tools to foster promotional activities for its products.

Recommendationsfor a Promotional Campaign

Samsung4K SHUD is arguably one of the most advertised products in the SHUDTV generation. Samsung has invested extensively in a promotionalcampaign both in the digital and the traditional media. Nevertheless,the company needs to reconsider its promotional campaign strategy inorder to increase its current Samsung 4K SHUD market share. Thefollowing strategies are recommended to improve the company’s 4KSHUD promotional campaign.

Developingan Online Targeted Sales activities that support the brand

Thisapproach has been significantly tested on the traditional methods ofproduct promotion activities. Under this approach, the companyengages in a number of sales activities that support its otherbranding and marketing efforts. The traditional approach involvesattending travel shows, conferences, and group promotional among manyothers. With the recent advancement in digital technologies, the canadopt the same approach and apply it online. This approach isespecially important for promotional campaign because while the otherpromotional campaign activities are one-way streets, Target sellingis a two-way conversation in that, it gives the company theopportunity to learn more about the product and address the concernsof the customers to help improve sales. The learned factors can beapplied to the company product marketing communication making it moreeffective.

Createof an Education Platform

Generally,Samsung relies on third parties to educate consumers about theirproduct. From blogs, new reports, surveys, and consumer reportservices, the company has collaborated with other agencies to promotethe education of the public concerning their product. However, evenwith this effort, most of the company-sponsored platforms offer awide range of other services for other companies. The company shouldshift from this approach and provide an educational platform forconsumers. Educating the public about specific personal benefits fromusing the product will give the company a competitive edge in themarket. One of the best examples to employ this strategy has beenApple Inc with its Genius Bar. This educational platform has beenvery critical in helping the company users to get more information onhow to use the company products. Few approaches are more powerfulthan empowerment, by empowering the users through educationalplatforms the company will have created more brand ambassadors andimproved brand loyalty among its product consumers.

Createa Samsung 4K SHUD Product Customer Review Platform

Thecompany should create a fully dedicated customer review platform. Asat present, the company does not have a purely dedicated platformwhere customers can air their concerns or offer their opinionregarding the quality, performance, and usability of Samsung 4K SHUD.With a well-dedicated Samsung 4K SHUD product review platform, thecompany will be in a position to argument their product designs,improve the product reach, and develop better ways of targeting theirmarket.


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