Role of the Nurse Leader

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Roleof the Nurse Leader

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The in Evaluating Data to Improve Quality andSafety


Thequality and safety of Medical services are vital aspects in theprovision of effective and efficient services.According to Alligood(2013),the nurse manager should analyze and interpret information so that hecan construct a method for supervising, enhancing and building anelaborate solution to medical errors. The purpose of this paper is tohighlight the importance and role of a nurse leader in the process ofdata evaluation.


Qualityimprovement is the systematic data-guided operation structure meantto stimulate instant progress in the HealthCare delivery in aparticular setting(Moon,2013).It is important to facilitate process development methods thatanalyze the inadequate care, inefficiencies, and avoidable mistakes.Quality advancement incorporates effect assessment technique, failureassessment frameworks, cause analysis and six sigma models.

Inthe remote control medical unit, patients are put continuously underelectronic supervision. Telemetry technology in hospitals is verycrucial as it aids to assess various aspects of a sick patient, forinstance, the recording on heartbeats, sequence of breathing amongothers(Kitson, Marshall, Bassett &amp Zeitz, 2013).This technology is highly useful in cases of heart failure andcritical illness. The data in this sector is very vital and requiresevaluation quite often as it indicates on the progress of thepatients.

Manypatients in the remote control unit are about 72 years old. All thesepatients suffer from cardiovascular disease. The past four monthsdata indicate 47 total falls in the telemetry unit.Nine falls happened between 7 pm to 11 pm and another seven fallsoccurred between 11 pm to 3 am. There were 14 falls at 3 am and 15falls were recorded between 7 am and 11 am.One fall was recordedbetween 11 am to 3 pm and another between 3 pm to 7 pm. The highestnumber of falls occurred on Sunday while Monday had the least falls.Womenface higher chances of contracting the degenerative joint diseasebecause their bones wear out quickly than men(Hunt, 2015).It may be because of sedimentary life, nutrition and hormonalimbalances in their bodies.

Qualityimprovement plan

Dataoverview is crucial in any health department. According to Kitson,Marshall, Bassett &amp Zeitz (2013),nurse leaders should first assess their work environment. Thisassessment is the initial step towards providing care for thesociety. After analyzing the information, the nurse leader can eitherapprove or draft a health plan that is tailored towards meeting thespecific patients’ needs.

Theleader can use the analyzed information as the guiding principle ofmaking realistic and attainable goals. Quality health is gauged bythe extent to which health services reduce the effects of a healthhazard. The leader should assess the institution`s service standardsand direct the staff towards the professional set requirements. It isthe role of a leader to analyze the available relevant informationand interpret the levels of efficiency portrayed by the department. Efficiency should be based on the ability of the health services tocure and eliminate diseases (Alligood,2013).The quality of health services is determined by the leaders’ability to evaluate the data correctly.

Nursesshould observe safety practices while treating the patients. Theleader should guarantee that safety levels are observed in his or herarea of jurisdiction. The nurse manager should ensure adequatesecurity in the facility thus promoting a peaceful healing process. Leaders should assess the data in records to check on any cases ofdocumented incidences that would compromise the security levels inthe facility. The nurse manager should ensure that the necessaryprecautionary initiatives such as the installation of firefightingequipment, alert systems, and work costumes are taken (Hunt,2015).


Leadersshould work as a team and prioritize the care of patients at alltimes. Nurse Managers have a commitment to empowering the sick andtheir families through collaborating with them in service provision

Transformationalmanagement is a quality that leaders should practice in nursing(Kitson,Marshall, Bassett &amp Zeitz, 2013). Aleader needs to be updated on safety measures, which they shouldincorporate into their structures. Health workers can learn fromerrors and apply security tactics in their daily processes.

Healthcare should be timely to safeguard proper and adequate suppression ofa health problem. The leaders should guarantee that there is anequitable provision of quality services to the patients. The nursemanagers should see to it that their activities are patient-centered(Moon,2013).


Thenurse leaders should take part in the quality improvement activities(Hunt,2015).This process involves the analysis and interpretation of data. Agedpatients are vulnerable to diseases and can benefit from telemetryunit as they get to learn in detail about their health problems. Highpatient- nurse ratios are the result of high mortality. The leadercan put effort to check that this ratio is balanced, and so thenurses can provide health care efficiently.

Thenurse manager is entitled to many responsibilities in their fields ofplacement to verify that there is improved quality in healthservices. Nurses are expected to achieve high standards whilethriving as professionals who are ethically responsible and meetdemands for quality improvement.


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