revised the Purchase of Louisiana

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TheLouisiana Purchase transformed the understanding of America inseveral ways. It made the nation look big, and be considered as animportant state. Initially, America was subtle and appeared weak.Although the purchase did little to strengthen the military of theUS, its size increased tremendously. They believed that their statewould be a great nation and attain a sense of national pride. Thiswas an opportunity for expansion that was accompanied by theprotection benefits. There were many cultural groups that werebrought together leading to an increase in the US population. For thefirst time in history, the state could view itself differentlyregarding the immigration issues.

Similarly,the nation opened several opportunities after the purchase. It gotaccess to the new resources a condition that was impossiblepreviously because other nations, like French, had dominated some ofsuch assets. For instance, the US did not have access to the NewOrleans until Louisiana was bought. Jefferson considered this as oneof the golden opportunities in which the country could thrive andgrow. He went against the constitution so that they would acquirethis new territory at a cost. During that period, the government sawthe need to amend the Constitution (Everett, 2014).

Ina nutshell, the purchase of Louisiana changed the way in which peopleused to view the nation. The Constitution did not allow the purchaseof new territories there was a need, therefore, to make thenecessary changes to accommodate the acquisition. On the other hand,the issues of slavery were viewed differently after the purchasecompared to the previous years. Lastly, the Federal Party wasnegatively affected because its decline was attributed to theacquisition of Louisiana.


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