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Post one

Challenges in the provision of health care services in underdevelopedcountries are identified in the post. First, the author argues thatpoor living conditions expose the population to numerous healthrisks. Secondly, he/she talks about the mass exodus of nurses fromunderdeveloped countries to the developed world as an importanthealthcare issue. Since they are the primary health care providers,this has contributed to high mortality and morbidity rates. However,it is important to note that the rich societies, such as the UnitedStates, are also suffering from a shortage of medical professionals(Zenobia et al., 2013). The post also proposes measures that can beused to deal with these challenges. These include investments instaff training and increased donations from internationalorganizations. Telemedicine, where the practitioner is not physicallypresent, can also increase accessibility to medical services.Moreover, nurses can play an active role in promoting communityhealth through advocacy, campaigns and policy support.

Post two

The post identifies several health challenges in underdevelopedcountries. Lack of adequate financing is the main limitation to theaccessibility of medical services. Due to economic problems, amajority of people in these nations cannot afford health care.Training of personnel is also inadequate when compared to richcountries, due to insufficient funding. Although at different levels,staffing and cost challenges exist in all health care systems in theworld. This includes both developed and underdeveloped countries(Huston, 2014). There are some initiatives by internationalorganizations such as WHO and ICN, which increase accessibility andaffordability of medical care in the underdeveloped world, that areidentified in the post. It also recognized the role of telemedicine,better remuneration of workers and nursing advocacy in promotinghealth outcomes.


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