Responding to Classmate Discussion Post X2

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Respondingto Classmate Discussion Post X2

Respondingto Classmate Discussion Post X2


Ishigh-quality CPR necessary? High-quality CPR plays a great role insaving the lives of people. High-quality CPR means minimizing theinterruptions in the chest compressions ensuring that thecompressions provided are of adequate rate and depth ensuring thatthere is no leaning between compressions and avoiding too muchventilation (Irisawa et al. 2015). CPR helps in oxygenating the bloodand in maintaining cardiac output so that the vital organs are keptalive. It involves generating a gradient of pressure between thevenous and arterial vascular beds. It is astonishing that one couldinterrupt CPR to remove a combi-tube since that may risk the life ofthe victim. Mostly, there occur hemodynamic effects that pose athreat to live (Irisawa et al. 2015).

Itis important for the health care centers to create an environmentwhere the nurses can freely interact with the doctors on thecondition of a patient and what is best for the patient. This willensure the best medication is provided to the patient.


Isit good to dictate policies and procedures in a health care setting? Before implementing a policy, it is imperative to scrutinize itsimpacts and the stakeholders involved and have perfect answers. Theanswers can be found by conducting thorough research on the topic.The policies and procedure may work for some people and fail to workfor others. The research may take plenty of time but it is worth thesacrifice (Flannery et al. 2015). Dictating policies and proceduresmay have an adverse effect. Seasonal influenza vaccine seems not towork for every person. Various studies show that the effectiveness ofthis vaccine varies depending on the person being vaccinated.

Thetwo factors that determine the likelihood that flu vaccine will guarda person against influenza illness are characteristics of the personbeing vaccinated and match between the flu virus and the flu vaccine(Flannery et al. 2015). Hence recommending everyone to be vaccinatedwithout thorough research was not good.


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Irisawa,T., Vadeboncoeur, T., Hypes, C., Silver, A., McDannold, R., Mullins,M., … &amp Bobrow, B. (2015). Maintaining High Quality CPR With anIntegrated Manual/Mechanical Resuscitation Protocol. Circulation,132(Suppl3), A17760-A17760.

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