Research Proposal

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I selected the ancient civilization of China and India from chapter 5of the main course text. My interest in this area was motivated bythe subtle differences between the religious art of Hinduism and thatof Buddhism. Furthermore, I was fascinated with the historicaldetails of how a succession of Chinese Dynasties led to the country’sunification. In this regard, the PowerPoint presentation will coverseveral ideas. Firstly, it will examine pertinent features of theIndus River Civilization including its eventual collapse.Subsequently, the presentation will highlight the impact of theAryans on the development of Hinduism. Moreover, I will provide somebackground information on the critical roles played by Gautama Buddhaand Emperor Ashoka towards the development of Buddhism. Thepresentation will also pinpoint the differences between Hindureligious art and Buddhist art. Finally, I will discuss thesuccessive Chinese Dynasties leading to the nation’s amalgamation.

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