Research and Reporting

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Researchand Reporting

Researchand Reporting


Entrepreneurswho operate their businesses in Oscoda County need help in writingdifferent documents in a professional way. This presents anopportunity for educators at the Oscoda County Community College todemonstrate their social responsibility in supporting the society.The educators will exploit this opportunity by establishing atelephone hotline and email platform through which localbusinesspeople can inquire about the proper composition of businessdocument free of charge. This will enable the college demonstrategoodwill to the community that it serves.

TheProject Outcome

Theproject will have two major outcomes. First, the successfulimplementation of the project will improve the image of the collegein the society. Secondly, the project will improve the level ofprofessionalism in the way local businesspeople prepare and presenttheir business documents.

Audiencefor the Report

Theaudience targeted by this report is the board of directors for H.M.Luce Foundation. The report will be presented in the form of anoutline. This will facilitate the collaboration of all pieces ofinformation on how the proposed hotline will work. The report willalso inform about the anticipate outcome of the project.

Howthe Hotline Will Work

Thehotline is a new and unique platform that will create an interfacebetween the college and the local traders. Investors will be able toinquire about the professional and the formal ways of writingbusiness documents. The hotline will be designed to take care ofclients with different tastes and needs. For example, the emailplatform will accommodate clients who are good in writing and wish toprovide a lot of details about their requests. People who wish tohave a live chat with the college staff can call via the telephone.By providing multiple ways through which the local businesspeople canreach the college staff, the hotline will appeal to more people.

Advantagesof the Project

Theprogram will benefit the students, members of staff at the college,and local business people. The members of staff and students willbenefit by accessing the writer’s block and using their knowledgeto address issues that occur in the real world of business.Businesspeople, on the other hand, will benefit by accessing freeadvice on how to enhance their skills for writing business documents.This will enhance the level of professionalism in the way that theyrun their enterprises. In addition, the program will act as a socialresponsibility program that will enhance the image of the college inthe long-run.

Costof the Project

Thetotal budget will be $ 3,000. A HP W237 ID and a HP Pro Desk 400 willbe purchased at a cost of $ 950. A file cabinet, an office desk, anda chair will be purchased at a cost of $ 890. About $ 700 will beallocated for research and marketing in order to enhance thecredibility as well as the popularity of the hotline among the localbusinesspeople. Approximately $ 300 will be used to purchasereference materials, such as books. About $ 160 will be classified asmiscellaneous for emerging expenses.

Qualificationof Individuals Involved

Itis assumed that the local traders expected a high level ofprofessionalism when interacting with and seeking for advice from aninstitution of higher learning. Consequently, advisers who will bedelivering services to business people will have a high level ofacademic qualification and experience. People who will be involved inthe hotline project will be college teachers with a workingexperience of about 10 years. These consultants will be referred bythe department of arts and will be working on a voluntary basis.


To:H. M. Luce Foundation

From:Teachers at Community College

Request for $ 3,000 funding for establishment of a hotline


Theapplication of professionalism in business enhances productivity aswell as productivity. However, many local businesspeople in OscodaCounty lack the necessary skills to achieve the required level ofprofessionalism in preparing business document. Teachers at OscodaCounty Community College will address this issue by establishing ahotline that will create an interface between them and the localtraders. Businesspeople will be able to inquire about the mechanics,formats, and grammar issues when writing their business documents bycalling or emailing the college via the new hotline. Due tolimitation of resources, the team of teachers intends to request for$ 3,000 fund from H.M. Luce Foundation to implement the project.

Keywords: Hotline, mechanics, grammar, formats, businesspeople, businessdocuments.


TheCommunity College has continued to grow with time and it has becomeone of the most important sources of knowledge for the neighboringcommunities. However, we have discovered that the localbusinesspeople are in need of professional guidance in preparingtheir business documents. We intend to fill this gap by providinginformation about the format, grammar, and mechanics about businesswriting to the local investors, which will be accomplished via ahotline.


Afterdiscovering the need in the local community, we decided to establisha hotline that will help us achieve three objectives, including

  • To increase the level of professionalism in the way local business people keep their records and documents.

  • To inform local businesspeople about courses that could help them learn more about business records at the community college.

  • To guide local businesspeople on mechanics, grammar, and formats used in keeping business records free of charge.


Weunderstand that the achievement of the aforementioned objectives willbe quite a demanding task. To this end, we plan to recruit fellowteachers at the college who are willing to offer consultationservices to local traders on our new hotline free of charge. Bycollaborating with about 10 teachers, we will ensure that traders areable to access at least one person via the hotline at any givenmoment.


Thepurpose of an evaluation program is to ensure that the anticipatedoutcomes are attained after the successful implementation of a givenprogram (Ross, 2010). In the present case, the evaluation programwill focus on the determination of whether the hotline will help usachieve three outcomes that are mentioned in the objectives. First,the number of local traders making calls and sending emails toinquire about the ways of writing documents will be measured inspecific periods. Secondly, the number of clients who enhance theirlevel of professionalism in writing business documents will bedetermined by conducting regular surveys. Third, the number oftraders who enroll in different business programs offered by theCommunity College after using the hotline will be determined. Allthese measures of success will be taken after every three months.


Thereare two possible sources of funds for maintaining the hotline in thefuture. First, there is a possibility of reapplying for a fund fromH.M. Luce Foundation after the first one year of implementation.Secondly, the management of the Community College may be requested totake over the role of financing the hotline. This will beaccomplished by demonstrating the positive impact of the project onthe image of the college.




Computer and a printer

$ 950


$ 890

Research and advertising

$ 700

Reference materials

$ 300


$ 160


$ 3,000





August 8- 13, 2016

Finalizing the grant proposal

August 15, 2016

Contacting volunteer teachers

August 18, 2016

Purchasing equipment and facilities

August 22-27, 2016

Launch the hotline

September 1, 2016

Conduct the first evaluation exercise

December 1-5, 2016

Conduct the second evaluation exercise

March 1-5, 2017

Conduct the third evaluation exercise

June 1-5, 2017

Conduct the fourth evaluation exercise

September 1-5, 2016


Ross,E. (2010). Designing and using program evaluation as a tool forreform. Journalof Research on Leadership Education,5 (12), 1-26.

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