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Section 1: TheOrganization and the placement

GS4 security is a company that provides security services. Theorganization has been in existence since 1901 when it was firstestablished in Denmark. It spent its first fifty years undertakingnational growth within the country and later became a multinationalcompany. Besides establishing itself as a global firm, it has managedto expand through the acquisition of other businesses such asAmerican Magnetics Corp, The Wackenhut Corporation, Touchcom, Inc.,MJM Investigations, Ronco Consulting Corporation, The Cotswold Group,and the Nuclear Security Services Company. G4S is considered areliable company in the provision of security solutions in the US andalso said to be among the leading employers since it has providedjobs to more than 50,000 people within the country (G4S 2016).

Key Issues

When G4S was founded, its primary point was to address securitymatters among its clients who range from business individuals,private, and public companies. The security solutions that they giveinvolve the development of software and technology, development ofsystems integration, and provision of a security personnel team tothe desired environments (Stepanek 2013, p.14). The company hasmanaged to provide ample protection and diversify its services toinclude tasks such as risk management. The issue of handling thehazards is a primary one in modern organizations that arise from theincreased competition from other firms and are dependent on the levelof security of a country as well. The business owners have realizedthat they are likely to suffer from massive losses if they fail tomanage the risks early. Hence, they seek the disaster managementservices from the G4S Security Company.

Approaches toaddress the Issues

The strategy for handling the security issues are diverse, but theyare also dependent on the nature of the problem. For instance, G4SSecurity provides systems integration by developing communicationnetworks and infrastructure that consists of video monitoring andmaintenance services. The systems management is automated to ensurethat any performance issues are automatically detected thus reducingthe cost of maintenance to the firm. Another approach to addressingthe security issues is through the security personnel. The officersare thoroughly selected and subjected to special training that equipsthem with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in distinctenvironments (Doyle 2012, p. 33). The strategy for risk managementinvolves understanding the nature of the disasters and mitigatingthem. The incidents are identified through risk consulting,conducting investigations of corporations, and provision of executiveprotection.

Role within theAgency

While working at G4S Security, I managed to perform various roleswithin the organization. I worked in the customer care service whereI was responsible for receiving visitors and directing clients to thespecific departments that would address their issues. I was alsoinvolved in crowd control particularly when the company was requiredto guarantee the safety of the population present at variouscorporate and social events. Another role that I played includedasset protection where customers would hire the company’s securitypersonnel to assess any form of risk and implement any preventivemaintenance strategy of property or delicate information.

Section 2:Learning Expectations and experiences


As I began the work placement, I had developed some personal goalsthat I worked towards achieving. The first objective was to build myconfidence around others so that I could freely interact with otheremployees and remain relaxed so that I could be more productive. Mysecond goal was ensuring proper time and personal management byarriving early at the office, always being smart, updating mylogbook, and remaining focused on the tasks allocated. The thirdobjective was to maintain a positive attitude that allowed me toremain calm under all circumstances, avoid gossip, and feel bettereven when criticized by others. The fourth goal involved improving myemployability skills by being creative and making suggestions orgiving ideas during meetings, asking others for clarification andfeedback. My last objective at the workplace was enhancing teamworkin the implementation of the agency’s strategy, improve mycommunication skills, and remain highly flexible.

Description oftasks performed and experiences

Some of the duties I carried out at the security company included theprovision of customer care service, asset protection, and crowdcontrol at corporate and social events. As a customer service agent,I received and responded to inquiry calls from customers, monitoredthe progress of plans reporting variances as instructed, preparedreports, and performed other administrative duties that would beassigned. G4S security provides events security services to itsclients that allow them to focus on their ceremony (Stepanek 2013,p.53). Therefore, during the corporate and social functions, I wouldwork as a crowd control officer. The primary responsibilities were tomake an immediate response to calls made by the inspection team thatrelated to crowd disturbances and handle any disruptions. I wouldalso conduct individual searches of any persons attending the event,monitor group movements, and ensure the zone of the ceremony remainedsecured the entire time.

Another role that I performed in the organization involved working asan asset protection officer. My primary responsibility wasimplementing adequate measures that discourage any form of criminalattack against couriers. The tasks included conducting a prior visitof sites and liaising with police before the deployment and arrivalof the commodities. I would also escort and observe site entrances ofthe assets from their premises to their destinations, and preparewritten reports on all events and suspicious incidents that occurred.My experience while serving in the various capacities was interestingparticularly while serving in the crowd control department. The workenvironments are different since some of the events involved livemusic performances, sports, and conferences that required varyinglevels of security.

Lessons Learnt

The work placement provided me with both conceptual and practicalexperiences. The most significant teaching was the need to maintainpunctuality. Time management regarding arriving and leaving theoffice is essential in a work environment. It allows an individualto complete the assigned tasks on time. I also understood thesignificance of embracing flexibility. While working in the assetprotection department, we developed plans on how we would conduct ourduties. However, during the actual implementation of the program,circumstances would arise when it was impossible to follow theprotocol set. The ability to quickly adapt to changes allowed theteam to meet its objectives. Another lesson concerns the need toadopt new skills. The work experience in customer care is distinctfrom the crowd control and asset protection because one is in theoffice while the other involves field work. The environment in thefield keeps changing, but the situations provided me withopportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge (Everson 48).

Section 3:Placement and Broader studies

Relationshipbetween general academic studies and work placement experiences

Academic studies and being employed experiences are related invarious ways. An evaluation of the experience at G4S security and myeducation shows that the two aspects are associated in differentmanners. For instance, the academic knowledge that one obtains in thelearning institutions is an essential element of the work experience.Organizations have different work structures that require one to seekhelp and get guidance as they adjust to the system. However, even ifone is provided with the assistance they need, a person is not taughteverything as they are expected to have obtained the knowledge fromtheir schools. Such relationship can be used to explain why mostmanagers prefer hiring people who portray excellent performance intheir school work. The general academic studies are also related towork experiences in that they provide one with concepts and ideasthat they may use during decision-making. For example, the managementat G4S would encourage its employees to brainstorm as it encouragedinnovation (Everson 2014, p.43). The classwork can thus be applied inthe employment to present a new idea that fosters the development ofthe firm.

Work Placementexperiences that contradict the General Academic Studies

The concepts and ideas that one is taught in the learninginstitutions are considered to make significant in the growth anddevelopment of one’s career. However, during the placement at G4Sagency, I discovered that the classwork is inadequate in the growthof one’s profession. An evaluation of the experience shows that itequips one with individual skills that are not taught in colleges oruniversity. For example, I learned the value of teamwork at G4S whileserving in crowd control and asset protection and enhanced mycommunication skills while serving in the customer service section.Unlike in schools where one is taught new ideas and concepts and onlyimagines of their application in the business world, the workplacement provides one with an opportunity to experience the reality.In the organizational setting, the worker faces various challenges,tight schedules and strict deadlines that they are required to meet.A person also has to learn how to co-operate with others otherwiseindividual actions might affect the entire organization. Thus, Ibelieve the job placement extended the knowledge gained in myacademic studies since I can differentiate myself based on myweaknesses and strengths.

Section 4:Challenges and Rewards

Personalreflection on the challenges/difficulties of the placement

One of the problems that I experienced during the internship was theshift in the working hours. When I was working at the customer caredepartment, the time was not an issue. However, the transition to thecrowd control section had a major effect on my personal time. Most ofthe events would be held on weekends, late evenings, and duringholidays, which implied that I needed to adjust my leisure time.Another issue was the inconsistency in the work system from themanagement that led to inconveniences and mistakes. The company hasset out its protocols and standards that all employees are expectedto conform (Everson 2014, p.46). Despite the guidelines, some of theworkers would act contrary to the requirements and affect the way thejob should be done. For instance, while working in asset protection,the staff would report late for their shifts affecting the expecteddelivery of couriers. Such issues would affect my performanceparticularly during my personal reviews with the supervisor.

Personalreflection on the most rewarding aspects of the placement

Although the internship at the G4S Security Company had itschallenges, it was rewarding as well. The management understands thenature of the tasks allocated to its employees and thus ensures theirsafety. I received adequate training in security that equipped mewith the skills and knowledge to handle the responsibilities in thevarious work environments. The job conditions at G4S are highlyflexible since the organization has to align with the needs of theclients to remain relevant in the market (Díaz 2012, p.49). It isrewarding to be aware of the changes in the company as one gets tounderstand the latest developments occurring in the industry.Possessing adequate knowledge of the growth and factors in a sectoris significant as most employers prefer candidates with a thoroughunderstanding of a business environment.

Personalreflection on your handling of these challenging and rewardingexperiences

The experience at G4S Security served as a learning opportunity. Thechallenges endured could be handled through prior planning andcommunicated to the workers on time. The working hours were a problemat first, but with time, I adjusted because the aim of theorganization is to ensure the needs of the clients are satisfiedbeyond their expectations. The shifts were not permanent hence, Ihad to conform to the policies of the company. The rewardingexperiences motivated me to pursue my career path more efficientlysince it equipped with more skills. I also discovered that learningis beyond the classroom since the experience enabled me to have apractical outlook of what one studies. Therefore, the work placementat G4S Security has provided me with much information that encouragesme to remain focused on achieving my personal goals.


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