Remember The Titans

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RememberThe Titans


RememberThe Titans

RememberThe Titans movie is a depiction of an integration exercise between ahigh school of black kids and that of white kids. The society at thetime was grappling with racial discrimination and hence the need tofoster unity especially among the youth who would then proceed toshape the future. The football teams of both schools are integratedhence the formation of the Titans team (Bruckheimer &amp Yakin,2000). However, in spite of these efforts, the team members stillfind themselves divided by their color and a lot of energy is putinto the eventual unity and cooperation of the team.

Inone scene depicting the discrimination, Ray intentionally fails toblock a tackle causing his teammate Rev to get injured (Bruckheimer &ampYakin, 2000). Being a white kid, Ray did not find it necessary tocover for his fellow teammate who was not of his race resulting inthe breaking of Rev`s hand. Gerry, the captain, witnesses this act ofselfishness by Ray and realizes that there is a need for action.

Stepsin Gerry Bertier`s Decision-Making Process

Step1: Acknowledgment of the Problem

WhenGerry witnesses the horror of Rev`s injury and realizes that Ray wasresponsible for this eventuality, it dawns on him that action needsto be taken. The biggest problem in this instance is the lack ofunity in the team hence the failure of team members to cover oneanother. Gerry as the captain knows that such deficiency is notnecessary especially considering that the integration of the playersis meant to promote solidarity and racial inclusiveness in thesociety. Gerry accepts that Ray`s failure to block the tackle is nothealthy for the team and identifies this as the underlying problem,which, if not addressed would eventually affect them.

Step2: Listing Alternatives

Theidentification of viable options is crucial in dealing with anyproblem. The team captain considers the available responses such asignoring the incident, taking it up with the coach or dealingindividually with Jay. None of these choices is easy, but Gerry hasto take action against the Ray`s despicable inaction in the field,which hurt his teammate.

Step3: Evaluating the Alternatives

Beforehe takes any actions, Gerry has to evaluate his options. Ray isGerry`s childhood friend and a constant member of his social circleshence the difficulty in making the decision to punish him(Bruckheimer &amp Yakin, 2000). He also knows that ignoring theincident will possibly lead to a recurrence of the problem hence moredivision in the football team. Besides, failing to act on Ray`sharmful actions will be an injustice to Rev who has to miss theseason with a broken arm. Such is the evaluation that he undertook toaddress the incident.

Step4: The Choice

Eventually,Gerry decides to take action against Ray. He concludes that the bestway to deal with the situation is to expel Ray from the team. Such achoice is a lesson to all that the ideals of the group are ofimportance hence the need to abide by them.

Step5: Implementation of the Choice

Gerrytakes upon himself to implement his choice by approaching Coach Booneand appraising him on the incident (Bruckheimer &amp Yakin, 2000).He then informs Mr. Boone that he no longer wants to have Ray in theteam. The coach understands the captain’s choice, and he allows himto proceed with his decision. Gerry then walks up to Ray and informshim of his expulsion from the Titans.

Step6: Lessons

Rayis visibly terrified and appeals to Gerry to consider theirlongstanding friendship. However, the captain stands by his decisionand expels him. The major lesson is the importance of sticking to ourchoices, however, difficult they may be. Another lesson from thisscenario is the sacrifice. Gerry is willing to sacrifice his friendand teammate to uphold the required discipline in the team.


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