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Twocharacteristics of the humanity of Jesus Christ as laid out byWillmington and their relevance in today’s society that finds itdifficult to relate to Jesus

Thetwo distinguishing characteristics that provethe humanity of Jesus could bedescribedby His physical appearance, for instance, He looked and acted like anormal man, and the other factor being that humanparents raised Himdespite being conceived by the Holy Spirit (Willmington, 1981). Hismanly characteristics can becitedin the story of the faithful woman who addressed Him as Sir, son ofDavid (Mathew 15:22), and when He became hungry in the desertafter fasting for forty days (Mathew 4: 2). Evidence of Himbeing raised by human parentscan becitedin the story where the Angel announced His birth through Virgin Maryto Joseph (Mathew 1:23-25).

Intoday’s society, the characteristic humanity of Jesus Christ isrelevant as it would help to create a bonding connection and a senseof belonging/ togetherness to those who still find it difficult torelate to Him. With all tribulations being experienced by variouspeople in different parts of our world today, a source ofencouragement is fundamental in giving people the strength to be ableto overcome challenges with the hopes of a better tomorrow. Jesus’life serves as the perfect example forgiving hope. Growing up as a normal human being, He always had asolution for overcoming temptations and above everything else hetaught love, compassion,and forgiveness. The fact that God would allow Jesus to undergo somuch pain and suffering should be a sign that God still loveseveryone in the same way regardless of the negativities surroundingtheir lives. Trying to emulate this distinguished character of Jesusbeing that He was a normal man who lived amongst us, should be asource of reference and guiding step to those who feel likeit is the end of the worldand prefer death more than enjoying the giftof life.


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