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Pleasediscuss why your academic performance has not been satisfactory inthe past.

Mypast academic performance has been improving until recently due tothe passing away of my grandfather. He was a close personal friendand a great mentor who meant a lot to me. His death had an emotionaland psychological impact on my studies during my summer onlinecourse. However, I have recovered and am willing to improve my gradesin my next courses.

Inaddition, the Chinese government is introducing and implementingstrict internet policies that sometimes make it impossible for me toaccess my online studies. Therefore, it takes a lot of time todownload any online videos as well as other relevant class materials.This in turn slows down my reading or class schedules thatconsequently have resulted to my low performance.

Allin all, my performance has really improved in the last one yeardespite facing the challenges of a Chinese international student. Inthe beginning of the year, my proficiency in the English language wasconsiderably poor, which I have really worked hard to improve. Forinstance, during the first semester’s WRA’s class, I only scoreda 0.0 GPA. However, due to hard work and dedication, last semester Ihad a mean score of 4.0 GPA. I am passionate to pursue hotelmanagement course because I wish to improve my family businesses. Inaddition, I recently enrolled myself in an internship program on thesame.

2.Please propose an action plan/strategies to&nbspaddressyour past academic performance.

Mystrategy to address my performance that has been poor in the recentpast is to continue working hard and also putting extra efforts. Iwill try to do this by establishing new studying strategies. I willalso make regular inquiries with my academic advisor to ensure that Ipick relevant courses only.

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