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Thelesson has undoubtedly been instrumental in changing my view of anorganization and its composite elements. Before the course, I heldthe view that the term organization only described reputablecorporations with well-established chains of operations. On the otherhand, the lesson defines an organization as a consciously coordinatedsocial unit comprising of at least two people who function on acontinuous basis to arrive at a pre-set goal or goals. As such, aclass of students can be regarded as an organization, especially whena specific group of the students is engaged in a teamwork activityaimed at achieving a goal. The lesson has instilled in me numerousideas for personal development at work. Firstly, members of anorganization must work in harmony with each other to facilitate theachievement of the goals of the organization. I have also learnedthat leadership and communication skills are a critical part of theorganizational behavior even for employees at the lowest levels ofmanagement. The overall implications, in my case, include the need toimprove my interpersonal, leadership and communication skills.Besides, I have identified several other areas for personalimprovement.

Groupsand Teams

Thelesson on foundations of group behavior inculcated in me a profoundunderstanding of the dynamics of a group or team. I must acknowledgethat after the lesson, I have realized that the two terms, team andgroup, refer to the same thing. Previously, I knew that a team iscomposed of more people than a group. Besides, I have realized thateither type of groups deeply affects the performance of theindividuals in the group as well as the overall performance of thegroup. The fact that the microcosms of a group affect the overallperformance induces in me the sense of unity, coordination andcongruence with each other while participating in a team. Thein-depth comprehension of a group resulting from this course willhelp me improve my relationship with the members of the team for thecollective benefit of the group. The implication is that I wouldprefer teamwork to individual participation due to the benefitstherein.

Conflictand Negotiation

Initially,my standpoint was that any form of conflict was harmful even thoughthey are inevitable. In my experience, conflict has always resultedin negative encounters like war and vengeance. However, following theinternalization of the various tenets of this lesson, I havecontended with the fact that conflict is a natural and a necessaryaspect of human interaction. A group requires conflict to enhance itsperformance and facilitate its bid to achieve the set goals. Thechange of this notion is particularly important as it improves how Iget along with others at work. Instead of avoiding conflict likebefore, I have learned to embrace and find solutions to those thatmay arise in the course of my interaction with my workmates. Besides,I have learned to view conflict among work colleagues as naturalphenomena and not mere results of one party offending the other. Thelatter is an obstacle to a harmonized solution of conflicts andnormalization of the conflicting views. The overall implication isthat the lesson has created a problem-solver and a mediator who doesnot patronize the conflicting parties, but helps them reach a middleground. Besides, conflict management is a critical leadership skill.Thus, it suffices to say that the lesson has produced a leader andmanager.

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