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Thereis nothing so amazing than to discover who you are, what you are goodin and where you best fit in this society. We have been given varioustalents, which makes us shine when we properly exploit them. Somepeople say leaders are made. I believe they are born because I am anatural one. You can be good in games, academics, keeping of memoryor any other field. Personally, I haven’t fared well in thoseareas, but I believe when we factor my area of leadership I havesoared like an eagle. Since, when I was a child, old enough to thinkintelligently on my volition, I left a mark of wow on those that havebeen on my path. This course has enabled me to reflect deeper andrediscover myself as it has allowed me to answer these questions.

Viewson my Strengths, Weakness and Leadership Style

Iappreciate the fact that I have a great heart as it allows me toaccommodate a lot of issues and carry crosses that belong to myneighbors, which have made me stand out from the rest. I not only dothat but, encourage a positive change in behavior by inspiring thoseI have met in my path through motivation. Thus, I consider myleadership style as transformational. This kind of leadership hasbeen my strength as it inspires, bringing the best out of everyone. Ihave experienced various issues as a result of my leadership style.Sometimes, I push too hard, disregarding another person’s personalspaces and ruining their peace in an effort to inspire. People oftentend to be comfortable in their zones and few aspire to be more thanthey are. Thus, someone might feel that I don’t appreciate who theyare.

Mystrengths Profile Focusing on My Reactions, What Surprised, What DidNot

Mybig heart enables me to be kind, humble, social and a team builder.Despite any situation, my responses will be helpful and encouragingin a way that does not put off the other person I am communicatingwith as I like to build relationships. Also, being a critical thinkerenables me always to find a clever way to solve problems. In myleadership encounter, I have been surprised by the fact that somepeople still resist change despite the fact that it is for theirgood. I have never been surprised by the fact that I am not greatlyoffended by individuals despite offensive treatment that I doreceive, which call for retaliation due to my graceful humility andkindness.

HowI can enhance my Leadership Skills

Ican keep on growing in my leadership skills through advancing in myemotional, mental, and physical abilities. Moreover, I can attendseminars where I will receive education on how to handle variousissues of leadership as it is a continual process. Furthermore, I canlearn through watching how real life leaders handle the situation athand in areas like politics and human resource. I will also try tosolve issues that need leadership skills as the more you practicesomething, the more you become good at it.

Weaknessesthat I have

Itis also important that when you use transformational leadership, youdon’t intrude so much. People might be in a situation, which causesa problem, but they are not ready to change. It is thus importantthat being a leader, I notice and respect such individual space.Thus, it is vital when I interact with people I respect their privacyand understand that people have different personalities.

Howuseful is my Leadership Skills to Me and the World

Thistype of leadership quality is very useful both in my career and dailylife. I have applied it to solve many issues that I come across, andI believe it will not only help me, but also fellow colleagues. If Ipursue my ambition, I might land in a leadership position where Iwill be able to influence change in a transformational way through. Ibelieve that many organizations and even our nation cries for achange. I feel that I might be the solution that has been missing.Thus, my skills can contribute resourcefully to the growth of ourcountry.

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