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Workingin a communication field satellite presents challenges andopportunities for one to learn important skills in life. It is avulnerable assignment that requires one to possess both the practicaland analytical skills. Communication in a field satellite works likea command center where data is relayed to the offices. The vulnerableaspect is brought by the lack of or limited resources in the fieldhence jeopardizing efforts to make necessary communication.

Often,the field office does not have enough backup for information andpower thus making one to be creative in his or her assignment. Onealso needs to undertake regular briefing with the control offices tohelp in identifying the like difficulties in the functionality of asatellite. It is also noteworthy that one is likely to make decisionsthat are not acceptable to the senior officers as they have not gonethrough all the processes.


Communicationis vital for an agency commanding ICS post. The IncidentCommand System(ICS) assists in the coordination and control of emergency responseefforts. As a command center, the ICS post coordinates activitiesfrom multiple sources and agencies. An individual working at the postneeds to provide elaborate information to all agencies. Theinformation must be clear and effective to enhance the responseefforts.

Whencommanding the post, it is imperative for one to have goodcommunication skills. He or she should be in a position to handlefast communication while at the same time relaying information to therelevant agencies. The approach helps in the flow of information torelevant bodies and personnel hence improve the operational efforts.One is supposed to respect the unity of command to eliminateconflicting orders and information. Organizational skills are alsocrucial for someone working at the ICS post.

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