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Ihave gained a lot from my English class among the things I haveachieved include knowing how to choose the words that I use whenwriting correctly, inscribing contents which have good flow, puttingdown sentences that are grammatically correct and how to usepunctuations appropriately. The book that I was using was overlyinformative since it had writing guidelines that were precise andstraightforward to understand. Entirely, everything that I learned inclass is important for now and in the future, especially in my dreamcareer.

First,what I learned in class has assisted me in becoming a confidentwriter. However, this was not easy but through the continuouspractices and regular revisions, I was able to gain confidence. I nowfeel that I can confidently respond to what other people have writtenwhile using evidence to support my ideas if I disagree with thearticles of other individuals. Besides, the course work has equippedme with the ability to think artistically and cautiously in Englishsubject and other disciplines that I am taking. Writing is applicablein all disciplines, for example, in a nursing class, a student willbe required to write a case study while in a sociology class, fieldreports are a must to any sociologist. Therefore, being a skilledwriter is exceedingly vital to a scholar.

Secondly,what I learned in class is critical because it has helped me todevelop good academic habits. Initially, I did not have habits of agood writer which include reflection, engagement, curiosity, andresponsibility. However, through numerous practices in the classroom,I have acquired these virtues. In the course of class work, I wasable to come across different interpretations and perspectives of thesame readings from my classmates. In one way or the other, itbroadened my thinking and assisted me to be more curious to offerdiverse solutions to various problems. Also, through variousinteractions with my classmates and instructors, I have acquired thepersonality of engagement and how to be committed towards aparticular task like group’s assignments.

Furthermore,the class work was fundamental because I was able to learn how to askfor help whenever I was in need. I used to seek help from myinstructor, writing center consultants, and the librarian anytimethat I needed to clarify my thoughts. Besides, through group’sassignments, I developed a culture of how to work in a team, and thisinstilled the spirit of team-work in me. Moreover, when I wasappointed to be a group leader, I developed leadership and bettercommunication skills.

Inmy next classes, I will be a skilled writer who will be able tochoose the topics to write about wisely. In addition, I have learnedhow to write a piece of work considering the audience. Therefore, mywritings will be interesting to the expected readers. Besides, I havelearned how to choose the words that I use prudently and keenly. Thiswill enable me to put down papers that are not offensive and areprejudice-free. Moreover, in the next classes, I will be writingarticles that do not have plagiarism, tautology, and redundancy.

Additionally,I have learned concepts that will be valuable to me in outside theclass work. For example, I have known how to write a perfect email.In the workplaces, time is precious, and any communication should bemade in the shortest form possible. In this regard, an email shouldhave the following qualities to save the time of the recipient beconcise, have a meaningful subject line for easy sorting, have asummary if it is a long email, and be proofread for typos andstandard errors. In particular, proofreading improved my skills ofattention to details, which is necessary for any career and theworkplaces at large. The biblical concepts that were incorporatedhave influenced the way I choose words to use in my writing. I makeuse of words that cannot offend a person.


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